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About this facility

Full mission bridge simulator

Our full mission bridge simulator training uses a Kongsberg Maritime Polaris bridge simulator with 270 degree horizontal view, which can be panned through 360 degrees and with offset views.

Control equipment replicating various vessel configurations are available including single/twin screw, single/twin rudders, bow/stern thrusters and azipods.

An extensive portfolio of ‘own-ship’ configurations and database areas exists, while others can be built to order. Independent desktop consoles can drive two additional ‘ownships’/tugs.

Multi-purpose bridge simulators

The multi-purpose bridge simulator consists of five networked ship’s bridges which can be utilised to undertake a wide range of training and professional development courses.

Each bridge includes two radars and an ECDIS system in an environment that closely resembles equipment and layouts found on real ships. The simulator is also able to replicate a range of ship types and sizes, target vessels, and geographical databases for use in exercises.

Each bridge can run different exercises at the same time. Alternatively, the same exercise can be run separately on each bridge, or an interactive exercise can be created where all five of the ships are involved in the same exercise simultaneously.

The simulator allows for total and instantaneous control over traffic and environmental conditions.

Electronic Chart Display and Information Systems (ECDIS) suites

Our ECDIS training suites were introduced in 2012 to meet the growth in demand from bridge watchkeeping officers and pilots due to the new IMO mandatory requirement for generic and type-specific training in the safe and efficient use of ECDIS at sea in a variety of conditions, from ocean passages to pilotages.

Delivered by very experienced instructors, our main generic ECDIS course follows the recommendations of IMO Model Course 1.27 and is also approved by Transas as type-equipment specific training for its Navi Sailor 4000 ECDIS. 

We also provide type-specific training on a range of other manufacturers’ equipment, including Kongsberg and Sperry.