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About this facility

In this specialist lab, students can conduct compression and flexural tests, and scratch and impact resistance tests. Additionally, environmental tests including sound levels, light levels, humidity and temperature testing, air conditioning, noise dampening and air flow tests can be carried out. 

The lab has compression and flexural frames for testing concrete and timber samples. Concrete samples are prepared in the lab and can include plain or reinforced concrete, various fibre reinforcement, and self levelling concrete using super plasticisers. Students can also test lightweight concrete with greater insulating properties. Ultrasonic concrete testing equipment can be used as appropriate. Custom moulds and mixes can be developed in conjunction with students, depending on their research requirements.

Surface testing facilities are flexible and can test samples of almost any material. Students can test surface hardness, roughness, scratch resistance and impact resistance. The environmental measurement equipment incudes the testing of temperature, humidity, light levels, sound levels, and air flow. Additionally, the lab has thermocouples, a venturimeter and thermal imaging cameras.

Students study an introductory unit on materials testing and are able to move forward with dissertation projects researching materials and/or testing methodology.