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About this facility

Solent's specially equipped moot room mimics the key features of a real-life court room, giving our students an excellent opportunity to try out advocacy as a possible career.

Moots are mock trials which usually take the form of an appeal to the Court of Appeal or the Supreme Court on a point (or points) of law. Students take the role of leading and junior counsel for the appellant and respondent, supported by a team of legal researchers, and have 20 minutes each to argue their successful mooting case using binding or persuasive decisions in previously decided, analogous cases which often do not bear directly on the point in question, or are contradictory.

The moot is heard by a judge who may be a barrister or solicitor, a real-life judge, or a lecturer – and who will after due consideration decide (a) who has won the appeal in law and (b) which team produced the best advocacy based on their use of authorities, courtroom manners, and speech.

Moot court gives valuable practical experience in both research and persuasive argument, as well as giving students the chance to make contacts with practising lawyers. Mooting experience is also a crucial, point-earning activity on both the Bar Professional Training Course and Legal Practice Course application process.