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About this facility

The materials testing laboratory enables student and staff to get first-hand experience of essential materials testing in a safe and controlled environment. Students are encouraged to use the facilities with the assistance of technicians, allowing them to use machines and equipment under moderate supervision.

Destructive testing is carried out on the specimen until sample failure. This is performed in order to understand a specimen’s performance or material behaviour under different loads and conditions.

Non-destructive testing (NDT) is a highly effective way to detect even the smallest damage or imperfection in components before or during their operational life. NDT will help to detect defects as geometrical faults, eg, material thickness, welding defects, delamination, wrinkles, porosity, dry areas, foreign objects, cracks or corrosion.

NDT includes: ultrasonic testing, eddy current testing, magnetic particle testing and dye-penetrant testing. These state-of-the-art testing techniques allow students to gain valuable knowledge and develop their learning and confidence.