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About this facility

The studios and work stations all run on Pro Tools HD and Logic Pro X software. Each of the studios has a live room with guitar amp and five-piece drum kit. The live rooms' complement of microphones allows for a range of recordings, while further microphones can be borrowed from the media hatch. The workstations are single rooms with midi keyboard, mic and control surface connected to their Pro Tools/Logic systems.

The systems are installed with a range of plug-ins from Sonnox, McDSP, Avid and Melodyne. They run on Avid HDX cards through Avid HD I/O and HD OMNI interfaces, providing from two to 24 inputs via Audient ASP008 mic pre amps (studios), with stereo monitoring via active Dynaudio BM15 speakers (studios) and BM6 speakers (workstations), with two stereo headphone mixes back to the live rooms.

There are 24 fader Digidesign D-Command control surfaces in the studios and 8 channel Command|8s in the workstations, providing control of your Pro Tools sessions.