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About this facility

Our OB vehicle is a 7.5 tonne LDV, custom built by Total Audio Solutions with support from the Professional Monitor Company. The vehicle is equipped with full acoustic treatment, 64-channel audio mixer, surround sound monitoring, and trilogy messenger communication system. Vision facilities include multi-camera HD/SD video capability using Ikegami System cameras. The truck is supported by Soundcraft Digital and the Professional Monitor Company.

The vehicle is supported by our flyaway systems, which allow multi-camera HD filming/recording of events where using the truck is not practical. These are based around Panasonic HD video mixers, Panasonic HD cameras, Allen & Heath and Midas audio mixers with multitrack digital recorders. This allows simultaneous filming/recording of up to three different medium-large scale events. In addition, we have a wide range of other single camera, recording, editing and post-production facilities available within the School, including dubbing/ADR suites, Dolby certified surround mixing rooms and tracklaying/edit suites.