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About this facility

Our OB vehicle is a custom-built 3.5T Renault Low Loader. Vision facilities include a 2M/E Blackmagic vision mixer, up to seven fully controllable HD multi-camera capability using three Ikegami System Cameras and four Sony PMWs, as well as video feeds from extra roaming cameras, VTs and graphics. The van can also provide iso recording of each camera and has many Tailboard connections to allow signals in and out including multiple M/E feeds, aux feeds and ISO feeds of each camera for separate mixing. The vehicle is equipped with acoustic treatment, Allen & Heath dLive audio mixer, Dante and MADI connectivity and Trilogy Messenger communication system, plus integration with a 10x headset wireless Clear-Com system and optional 4-wire routing.

The vehicle has a 32A power inlet as standard, but we can operate using 16A or 13A. We will always consult you on power requirements. We also have a 5.6kW propane generator to power the whole van when this is not available.

The vehicle is supported by our flyaway systems, which allow multi-camera HD filming/recording of events where using the truck is not practical. These are based around Blackmagic ATEM video mixers, the four Sony PMW cameras plus multiple Panasonic HD cameras, Allen & Heath and Midas audio mixers with multitrack digital recorders. This allows simultaneous filming/recording of up to three different medium-large scale events.

In addition, we have a wide range of other single camera, recording, editing and post-production facilities available within the faculty, including dubbing/ADR suites, surround mixing rooms and tracklaying/edit suites.