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About this facility

Regular inductions cover screen printing for illustration, graphics, colour separation and fabric design. A range of bookbinding solutions are available in the printmaking workshop, including hand-bound slipcases.

The print room boasts a number of presses available to proof and edition printed material, including Intaglio presses for copper sulphate etching, dry point and hot plate ground applications.  There are also A2 and A3 letterpresses and extensive fonts of wood and lead type. 

In addition to the familiar collograph and lino cut processes, the workshop is also frequently used to produce laser cut images for relief printing, rubber stamps and manipulated screen printed imagery.

The print room is staffed by a technical team who are all practitioners in their disciplines, and support is given to exhibitions, performance, alumni and visiting artist residencies.

The area is available to students through open access, subject to specific  inductions, and with the accompaniment of technical assistance.