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About this facility

The specialist media equipment store is where students on media-related courses can access equipment. There are over 3000 items in the stores, some of which are course-specific, and others that are shared between a variety of courses.

Students can book equipment up to two weeks in advance (longer for major projects) and a standard loan is 24 hours or Friday to Monday. Loan extensions can be easily arranged by calling or emailing the stores team, however the standard loan is in place to ensure equipment is returned promptly for others to use.

All loans are free but there is a small charge for late returns when another student's booking is impacted. All loanable equipment is insured, although a risk assessment may be required for a particular activity. We also support students undertaking projects abroad through the loan extension process.

It is very important for students to have a knowledge of equipment before they borrow it, although there are exceptions for basic equipment like GoPros and zoom recorders. Many items require a mandatory workshop with the technical team before a loan is possible. Many of the technical team are ex-industry professionals who pass on not just simple operational knowledge but tips and tricks from years of experience using this and other equipment.

Workshops ensure a high level of technical competence with our students and act as a passport system so students are free to use a particular camera or light whenever they require for the rest of their course, once they have passed the workshop.

We also support students undertaking work outside of taught sessions and units to further their skills or engage with work experience. Many of our courses are both technical and creative, and when students have the technical skills they can use the equipment required to explore their ideas.