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Dr. Kamran Qureshi, an esteemed film lecturer at Solent University, recently celebrated the world premiere of his pioneering feature film.

6th October 2023
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Directed by Dr. Qureshi himself, this cinematic creation has achieved resounding success on the international film festival circuit, accumulating over 30 prestigious awards to its name.

What sets this film apart is its ground-breaking inclusion of intersex lead characters, who illustrate the intricate realities faced by intersex individuals in the United Kingdom. Only Love Matters weaves a poignant narrative, centred around a mother's sacrifices for her adopted daughter and her relentless quest for the rights of individuals like herself, driven by the discovery of a life-altering book.

This earnest cinema piece throws a spotlight on the multifaceted challenges confronted by intersex individuals in British society, including the difficult issues of infantile sex reassignment surgeries and the discrimination individuals can endure. Through richly developed characters and intricate relationships, the film paints a vivid picture of the profound societal impact that leads to not only mental health struggles for intersex individuals but also their families and children.

The production of Only Love Matters was a truly international endeavour, with over 300 collaborators hailing from various corners of the globe, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, China, India, and Pakistan. Its impressive accolades include awards such as 'Best Feature Film' at the Andromeda Film Festival, 'Best Original Idea' at the Top Indie Film Awards, and 'Best Romantic Film' at the Rome International Movie Awards.

The world premiere of Only Love Matters took place on 6 October in Marbella, Spain, while the highly anticipated UK premiere is scheduled to coincide with World Intersex Awareness Day, on 27 October, at the prestigious BFI Southbank in London.

Dr. Kamran Qureshi, in addition to his directorial role, also spearheaded the research behind the film. Principal photography spanned various captivating locations in the UK, including London, Beaconsfield, Norwich, and even a segment in the vibrant Great Indian Desert. With over 40 distinct locations featured, including iconic sites like Frith Manor Equestrian Centre, London, Terrace Gardens, Richmond Hill, and West London Film Studios, the film offers a visually captivating experience. It also includes a visit to the historic The Royal Standard of England pub in Beaconsfield, famously featured in the acclaimed film The Theory of Everything.

Intersex remains a taboo subject in many parts of the world and Dr. Qureshi's film courageously confronts this societal silence, shedding light on a critically important and often overlooked aspect of human diversity.

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