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This summer, three students from the Solent University Enactus network were lucky enough to have the opportunity to visit our partner institution Amity University in New Delhi.

20th September 2018
Law and criminology

Their trip was supported by Solent Futures, and aimed to teach them about Indian culture as well as social entrepreneurship schemes, with the opportunity to visit local businesses. Our students joined others from a number of UK universities so the experience also included the opportunity to compare notes, undertake group work and create networks.

We caught up with LLB (Hons) students Zachary Keu and Hannah Chapman to find out what they got up to during their trip, and their favourite memories from the experience.

What did you do whilst in India?

Zac – We attended lectures where we had the chance to learn about India and its culture. These ranged from Zodiac signs, yoga affecting academic performance, how India’s economy is performing, and how businesses must change their marketing techniques to tailor to the Indian consumer. In addition to that, we had an opportunity to participate in some yoga on the Amity campus, which was great fun - although quite exhausting.

We also did all of the typical tourist sites like the Taj Mahal, and an amazing tour of the local markets – the sights and smells were truly amazing and like everything I had ever imagined.


What are the biggest differences between studying in India and the UK?

Zac - The biggest differences could probably be found in the student life, as opposed to the actual studying. The halls were separated by gender, and the students living there had a curfew for when they had to be back in their rooms.

Do you have a favourite memory from the experience?

Hannah - The best day by far was right in the heart of the centre of Amity, the Audio, Communication Centre. We learnt about Indian singing and dancing, we got the opportunity to try on outfits and learnt how to dance. Being taught this was so much fun, it was also interesting and an experience I will never forget it.

Zac – What I will remember the most is how wonderful the buddies were. These students took time off from studying, for which some of them had exams the week after we left, to take us places, ensure our safety whilst we were out, and help us learn more about the Indian culture. I cannot stress how friendly and welcoming they were to us, and I will cherish the memory of all the time I spent with them.


Would you recommend this experience to others?

Hannah - I would definitely recommend this experience to everyone. This was a once in a life experience which will forever be in my heart and in my memory. I will happily return to India to continue my adventure, as I have yet to explore of the wonders of this beautiful country.

Caroline Barfoot, Head of Solent Future’s says “Enactus is a great initiative that gives our students the chance to work together to set up projects that have positive social impact. We jumped at the chance to support the Enactus team to go to India to explore international opportunities, and to see if there are any new projects that they could bring back for students to work on.”