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Remembrance ceremony held in recognition of the dedication and commitment Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II gave to our maritime nation

14th September 2022
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In recognition of the dedication and commitment that Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II gave to our maritime nation as Master of the Merchant Navy and Fishing Fleets, a short remembrance ceremony was held at Solent this week.

At the start of the welcome session for Warsash Maritime School’s newest recruits, held in the University’s Palmerston lecture theatre, Phase 3 Deck officer cadet and Solent Students' Union Warsash Cadet Liaison Officer Stephen Strowger, moved and inspired 150 staff and fellow cadets with the following words:

"To be inspirational you don't have to save lives or win medals.

'I often draw strength from meeting ordinary people doing extraordinary things: volunteers, carers, community organisers and good neighbours; unsung heroes whose quiet dedication makes them special.

'They are an inspiration to those who know them.'
Queen Elizabeth II - Rio 2016

“The sea is our constant. For those who sail upon her, the people who work with her, the families that depend on her and for the dedication of those who serve her, The Merchant Navy has many unsung heroes.

“No doubt, the Queen was addressing many of us with those words.  Not all of us will be heroic, in the common sense. Your daily activities, your labours and work to even gain your Certificate of Competency will seem, in themselves at times, heroic, even at a personal level. Remember, you are never alone.

“Your efforts will open new doors, you will influence new people. Be bold, but humble, gracious, yet steadfast, make mistakes and learn. Listen to experience, act beyond reproach and above all, help each other.

“Silent dedication and honour in our work and to those around you, will impact more than yourself as you begin to gain the qualities of leadership and for those who gain from you, a strength in fellowship.

“The Queen is a good example of this, and you will have many opportunities to meet the unsung inspiring people on your journey. No member of our community, from deck hand to wiper, bosun to technician, Master to Sea Lord can do it without quiet inspirers that enable marvellous things.

“Remember the famous and much used phrase, 'we are all in the same boat’. You can be, as the Queen said, an inspiration to those who know you. We at Warsash and on behalf of your Student Union, look forward to serving alongside you.”