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Centre aim

To become an international leader in maritime research related to advanced technologies, education, training and policy making for Smart Ships, MASS (Maritime Autonomous Surface Ship), and Smart Ports.

Centre goals

  • To carry out world class multi-disciplinary research in the field of Smart Ships, MASS and Smart Ports.
  • To provide and support a life-long active learning environment to grow the pool of quality maritime academia.
  • To provide a global networking platform for academia/researchers to link with industry players and organisations for collaborative learning.
  • To build a world-class WMR centre of excellence and help shape the future of maritime education and training.
  • To direct research and knowledge exchange activities strategically, assuring academic excellence and significant maritime industrial interaction.
  • To emphasise the importance of combining the benefits of growing technology with concerns about safety and security, cost, potential environmental impact, and international commerce facilitation, both onboard and onshore.
  • To enable research-based policymaking for autonomous ships and their training concepts through the utilisation of large-scale manned models and simulated ships in controlled test facilities. This includes drafting performance standards, training model courses and operating guidelines for integrating conventional ships, shore-based entities (simulated centres), Smart Ships, MASS and Smart Ports.
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