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About the group

The Warsash Maritime Operations research group carries out both, quantitative and qualitative research to provide innovative ideas and solutions to address current and future challenges in maritime operations, provides a stimulating platform for staff, students, external stakeholders, and industry to come together to brainstorm and carry out collaborative research in maritime operations.

The research group conducts studies to optimize maritime operations and minimize risks associated with maritime transportation, managerial failures, and hazards to the marine environment. It further covers security and cybersecurity studies. The insights gained from research help inform policymakers and ensure that the maritime industry operates in a way that safeguards the safety, security and environmental operation of ships and ports.

Shipping containers in a port at sunset

Areas of expertise

  • Sustainable maritime transport (modern and safe navigation, autonomy, smart ships)
  • Maritime transportation services and systems (ports, terminals, and ship operations)
  • Maritime safety and security
  • Maritime environmental management
  • Ship management operations (cargo, technical management, operations management)
  • Logistics and supply chain management

Aim of the group

The purpose of the group is to stimulate innovative research through workshops, formal and informal discussions, seminars as well as through publications, exhibitions, site-visits, and conferences.

The research aims to study ship operations and associated management activities systematically. It involves the application of mathematical models, statistical analyses, and theoretical frameworks to identify and evaluate various existing strategies, procedures and policies aiming at improving ship performance and cost reduction within the industry. Further, the research group works towards developing the research culture among the Warsash Maritime School and actively support the research initiatives undertaken by other research groups.

A container ship at sea with a globe graphic overlaid

Postgraduate research opportunities

The Warsash Maritime Operations research group offers supervision for master's and PhDs within the above-mentioned research areas. We are currently accepting self-funded research students in a range of specialisms who will be supported by our academic members. If you would like more information about postgraduate research opportunities, please contact Research Admissions.

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Group members

Group convenors

Dmytro Makarchuk (Lead)

Hristos Karahalios (Co-Lead)

Core members

Zakirul Bhuiyan

Jaikar Sohal

Shahriar Mazhari

Martin Baker

Artem Ivanov

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