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Guidance notes and forms

These guidance notes and forms have been compiled to help students and supervisors gain a practical understanding of the key processes relating to the research degree programme at Solent University. 

Guidance note #1 Key Principles

Guidance note #2 Role and Responsibilities / Supervision 

Guidance note #3 Admission and Registration 

Form RD3S: Supervision Team Approval  

Guidance note #4 Project Approval

Form RD1PA: Project Approval Form for Research Degrees 

Guidance note #5 Transfer MPhil to PhD 

Form RD2T: Transfer of Registration from MPhil to PhD  

Guidance note #6 Annual Monitoring

Guidance note # 7 Submission and Viva Examination 

Form RD6E: Examination Arrangements for Research Degrees 

Form RD7DEC: Candidate Declaration 

Form RD8: Preliminary Report on Candidate for a Research Degree 

Form RD9REX: Examiner Recommendation on a Candidate 

Form RD9 PWE: Examiner Recommendation for a Doctor of Philosophy by Published Works

Form RD10G: Examiner Guidance to the Candidate on Amendments to a Thesis Submitted for MPhil/PhD

Form RD9R-REX: Examiner Recommendation on a Candidate for MPhil/PhD (Re-examination) 

Form RD10GR: Examiner Guidance to the Candidate on Amendments to a Thesis Submitted for MPhil/PhD (Re-examination) 

Guidance note # 8 Misconduct, Appeals and Complaints

Guidance note #9 Tier 4 visa

Guidance note #10 PhD by Prior Publication

Policies and regulations

The University has policies and guidance in place to ensure the environment and experience of research students is supportive for their research and learning. 

The environment for postgraduate research degrees is underpinned by the Research and Innovation Sub-Strategy 

Research and Innovation Sub-Strategy 2015-2020 

Regulations for Postgraduate Research Students 

Change of Status Forms 
Form RD3MS: Application for Change of Mode of Study for Research Degree 

Form RD4S: Change of Supervision Team for Research Degree 

Form RD3WU: Transfer to Writing-Up Status for Research Degree 

Form RD5E: Application for Extension to Period of Registration for Research Degree 

Form RD5S: Application for Suspension of Studies for Research Degree 

Form RD7CW: Confirmation of Withdrawal from a Research Degree 

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Postgraduate researchers must consider their responsibilities for their research data in relation to the Data Protection Act 2018 and the General Data Protection Regulation.

Solent's ethics policy

Intellectual property

The Intellectual Property Office

Solent University intellectual property rights policy

University research committees

The University Academic Board retains responsibility for the effectiveness of the arrangements for safeguarding the academic standards of awards and enhancing the quality of postgraduate research provision. It delegates responsibility for overseeing the University’s research degree provision to the Research Degrees Committee (RDC) and for the University’s research strategy to the Research Innovation and Enterprise Committee (RIEC)

RDC Terms of Reference

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