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Research, Innovation and Enterprise supports research staff to develop projects and apply for funding. The following information provides an overview of funding opportunities and support available for research staff at Solent University.

Internal funding streams

Research, Innovation and Enterprise manages four different internal funding streams, providing a range of opportunities suitable for projects at different stages of development.

Research, Innovation and Knowledge Exchange (RIKE) Awards

The RIKE Awards provide opportunity for early career researchers to develop projects. In addition to building the University’s research and innovation capacity, the purpose of each RIKE research or innovation award is to act as seed funding for a larger follow-on project.

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This research support scheme provides academics with support from fully funded undergraduate partners to help complete strategic research projects.

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Co-funding opportunities

If you have a research or innovation project idea that doesn’t qualify for the RIKE Awards, please get in touch with Catherine Lee in the first instance.

External funding opportunities

The University subscribes to Pivot, a worldwide database of research funding opportunities. This is the best place for Solent staff to start looking for potential funders for research projects.

Solent staff can register for a Pivot account by visiting the Pivot website and using your university email address to sign up. Hands on support with using Pivot is available by contacting or by attending the ‘How to Find Funding including using Pivot’ session that is part of the Researcher Development Programme.

For the most up-to-date current funding opportunities of general interest, please see current funding opportunities on SOL.


The university’s consultancy policy applies to all staff who are currently undertaking or intending to undertake outward consultancy.

Research, Innovation and Enterprise provides support for and works with each applicant to ensure understanding of and compliance with the policy alongside the bid support process.

The consultancy agreement is a simple pdf template of the final agreement between the University and any client. It includes the University’s standard terms and conditions for outward consultancy. You may send the template to a potential client for their information in advance of discussing potential work. 

If you are considering outward consultancy, please contact for full guidance on how to proceed. You may also attend the ‘Introducing the Consultancy Policy’ session that is part of the Researcher Development Programme.

Use your University email address and single-sign on password to download the following documents:

You can read and download the Solent Consultancy policy and supporting documents, including an example agreement and the bid support process, from the Researcher Development Programme pages on Solent Online Learning.

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Bid support

The bid support process is the University’s primary source of information for staff who intend to apply for external funding for their research, innovation or consultancy project, whether alone or in collaboration with others.

The process is mandatory and applies to all staff bidding for external funding.

Research, Innovation and Enterprise provides support for and works with each applicant throughout the process.

Download the bid support process

Managing your research using Pure

Pure is the University’s research information management system. It enables you to manage all of your projects, applications, awards, research outputs and research activities from a single place. Your public facing researcher profile is also managed from here.

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Hands on support with using Pure is available by contacting or by attending the ‘Managing My Research with Pure’ session that is part of the Researcher Development Programme.

Researcher development

Solent’s Researcher Development Programme (RDP) offers a range of opportunities for Solent staff at all levels of research experience to develop knowledge and skills to support their research and innovation. It is a mix of face to face sessions and online resources. The RDP is based on Solent Online Learning – researchers will need to log in using their university email and single-sign on password to access the programme.

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Online learning

RIE and the Learning Technologies team have produced The SOL Sessions, a series of online researcher development sessions that cover all the essentials for any member of staff keen to enhance and extend their research. Whether you are new to research, experienced, or looking to refresh your skills, there will be something here for you, as well as the opportunity to share and learn from each other. 

The programme has four main aims. By the time you complete it, you should be able to:

  • Win internal seed funding
  • Form effective and productive partnerships both inside and outside Solent
  • Win external funding
  • Produce REF-able outputs

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Seminars and workshops

In addition, the following lecture style sessions are delivered at regular intervals throughout the year and are available for all staff.

  • The current research and innovation environment and funding priorities in the UK.
  • Finding funding.
  • Using Pivot.
  • Writing a bid.
  • Budgeting your bid.
  • Introduction to intellectual property and commercialisation.
  • Knowledge Transfer Partnerships.
  • Introducing the Solent consultancy policy.
  • Introducing Pure.
  • Using Pure for research and innovation projects.

For further details on these and other Researcher Development sessions, please see the full Researcher Development Programme.

Contact us

Are you a member of staff and do any of the following apply to you?

  • I have an idea for a research or innovation project.
  • I have plans to take part in an outward consultancy project.
  • I have a business contact who may want to collaborate on a Knowledge Transfer Partnership.
  • I require support with funding and bidding generally.

If so, please contact your support staff:

Martin Day, Contracts and Bid Support Manager (ext. 6793)

Dr Henry Wong, Bids and Grants Officer (ext. 6994)

Visit us: Room A223, East Park Terrace campus

Email us:

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