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The China Centre (Maritime) is part of the Warsash School of Maritime Science and Engineering at Solent University. It aims to use its academic excellence; its expertise in Chinese maritime affairs and its links with the Chinese, British and worldwide maritime communities to act as a bridge, bringing countries closer in maritime-related affairs and beyond.

The Centre promotes teaching, research, consultancy and other activities concerning the role of China as a major maritime nation in the 21st century. It provides a focus for study in a variety of maritime activities in which China is prominently involved, and a forum for discussion and debate concerning China's rise as a maritime power in the 21st century.

The China Centre (Maritime) is involved in a range of studies including:

  • The One Belt One Road Initiative: the dynamics of China's national maritime policy and its global impact, particularly the 21st century Maritime Silk Road (21世纪海上丝绸之路).
  • China's seaborne import and export trade, the development of the Chinese fleet in international and coastal trade and its significance for China's shipping services.
  • Seafarers' work and living conditions, their welfare and rights in China.
  • Recruitment and retention of women seafarers in China.
  • Using LNG as a new source of fuel for vessels: economic, environmental and societal benefits (comparative studies of Norway and China).
  • China's shipbuilding and ship recycling.
  • Port developments and security issues within and outside of China.
  • China's trade with Africa and Latin America and its impact on world shipping.
  • Development of Chinese naval forces and its global implications.
  • The first Chinese Maritime Code in the Yuan-Song Dynasties (960-1368).

The China Centre (Maritime) produces an annual newsletter at the end of each year which provides a complete round up of research and other activities undertaken by the team across all studies.

Located in Southampton, a strategic port city in the UK with a rich maritime heritage and dynamic maritime activities, the China Centre (Maritime) has the unique advantage of close links with leading industry and academic institutions both nationally and internationally.

The China Centre (Maritime) also serves as a university resource, aiming to facilitate links and collaborations in teaching, research, staff and students exchange with universities and research institutions in China, particularly in maritime studies, but also in other disciplines. The Centre contains prominent academic and industry practitioners who contribute to its activities.

We welcome, indeed seek, collaboration with institutions and individuals who share our interest for development of robust research and consultancy regarding China's rise as a maritime power in the 21st century. Contact the Warsash School of Maritime Science and Engineering for more information.

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