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The China Centre (Maritime) creates and distributes two regular publications - the Solent Global Maritime Weekly Digest and the China Centre (Maritime) Annual Newsletter.

China Centre (Maritime) Annual Newsletter

The China Centre (Maritime) Annual Newsletter provides a round-up of the research and other activities undertaken during the year by the China Centre (Maritime) team.. 

Issue two - December 2017

Issue one - December 2016

China Maritime Lookout

Among observers of global maritime events, developments in China are often the prime focus of attention because of their size and dynamism. In the arena of academic and professional maritime studies there is frequently a desire for additional information and analysis. The China Centre (Maritime) introduces a new occasional bulletin providing more detailed information on, and analysis of, China's maritime activities.

Issue two - April 2018

Issue one - March 2018

Solent Global Maritime Weekly Digest

The Solent Global Maritime Weekly Digest is a weekly publication launched at Solent University on 23 September 2015. The key drivers of this initiative; Professor Minghua Zhao, Publishing Director, and Mr Richard Scott, Editor, are core members of the University’s China Centre (Maritime).

Items selected for inclusion, covering as broad a range of maritime interests (closely relevant to Solent University teaching and research) as possible, are drawn from a variety of published sources. Content is dependent on what is available for inclusion. The issues are prepared by Richard Scott, who writes the editorial comments on the front page.

This publication is distributed by email on Wednesdays. Please contact CCM IT specialist Mr Yifan Wang if you would like to receive this publication regularly. Alternatively, you can view an archive of previous issues below.

Please note: this publication is intended for academic use only, not for commercial purposes.

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