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International Seamen's Club, Shantou

The International Seamen's Club in Shantou is the property of Shantou Trade Union. It is the only seamen's club in China which is still fully funded by the city government. It is also one of the few seamen's clubs in China that finds innovative new ways to provide port-based welfare services to seafarers, including creating a new seamen's service centre in a remote new port. 

International Seamen's Home, Shantou

The International Seamen's Club in Shantou has extended its welfare service to seafarers to the new port which is far away from the city centre. They rent a five-floor house from the village which they have converted into a fully-functional seamen's club.

Seafarers' Home, COSCO, Xiamen

The trade union in COSCO, Xiamen has turned its employees' service centre into an international seamen's home. It provides an oasis for seafarers in Haicang Port of Xiamen - a very remote port, far from the city centre. The trade union chairman, Mr Sun, a senior seafarer himself, has visited many seamen's clubs around the world and is very passionate about providing good service to seafarers.

Qingdao International Seamen's Club

The Club has been very innovative in dealing with the challenges it has faced. With 50 per cent of the budget provided by the city government, it not only survives the hardship of great social change, but also provides new services to seafarers. It has created a mobile seamen's home in the remote new port, with disused containers refurbished into a bar, computer room, reading room, and shops. This is the first mobile seamen's home in China.  

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