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The Lawrie McMenemy Centre for Football Research (LMCFR) is a multi-disciplinary football education, research and consultancy centre which provides expert support for the football industry, students and the media in a number of areas.

The centre is founded on Solent University's position as a leading provider of football-related academic study in the United Kingdom. Solent University has been at the forefront of this area for a number of years.

Since 1999, Solent University and LMCFR staff have successfully delivered the Certificate in Professional Sport Management and Administration (Football) in association with the League Managers Association (LMA) and Institute of Football Management and Administration (IFMA). Since 2003, they have also delivered successful undergraduate degrees in football studies and football studies and business.

The LMCFR has excellent links within the football industry. Many of the centre staff work in conjunction with the game's key stakeholders including; The Premier League, The Football Association, the League Managers Association, the Institute of Football Management and Administration, and professional clubs. If you require expert advice or comment, or more detailed research or analysis, the LMCFR can provide leading expertise.

Mission and aims

  • To promote, facilitate and conduct research into football across a number of contexts and disciplines.
  • To work directly with the football industry as the first point of reference for consultancy in football.
  • To consult for the football industry providing a link between the academic study of football and the game's key stakeholders.
  • To co-operate with football's professional bodies and related organisations to enhance knowledge and understanding of football.
  • To engage in football related research across a range of fields including; business and strategy, management, globalisation, commercialisation, foreign player involvement,  community and development, sport science.
  • To disseminate the knowledge generated by the Centre via seminars, conferences and publications.

Get in touch

You can contact the Lawrie McMenemy Centre for Football Research on 023 8201 3337.

Press queries should be directed to the press office at or on 023 8201 3040.

Lawrie McMenemy Centre for Football Research
Solent University
East Park Terrace
SO14 0YN


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