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lawrie-mmOn behalf of the staff and professional members, I'd like to welcome you to the Lawrie McMenemy Centre for Football Research at Solent University. 

Football has undergone unprecedented change since my involvement in the game began in the 1950s, and now, more than at any other time, the football industry has to recognise the importance of building strong relationships with the academic community and the expertise that it offers.

Solent University and the staff of the LMCFR have been working with the football industry for a number of years now. Their expertise has helped to make sense of many areas of the game. Equally, they have been at the cutting edge of the academic study of football. Their enthusiasm to develop the industry through education has clearly been welcomed if you look at the clubs and organisations who have sent representatives to study for the Certificate in Professional Sport Management and Administration (Football), and in the numbers of students applying to study for undergraduate degrees in football studies.

Having worked closely with Solent University since the mid-1990s, I am honoured to be able to put my name, and lend my experience, to a research centre which offers a wealth of knowledge and expertise which both now, and in the future, will benefit the football industry enormously.


Lawrie McMenemy MBE

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