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Journal publications

Mountbatten Journal of Legal Studies 2017

Mark Hayes, (2014), The Ideology of Fascism and the Far Right in Britain, Red Quill Books, Ottawa, ON, (USA), ISBN978-1926958316.

Mark Wing, (2012), The Digital Copyright Time Bomb in the BRIC Economies, Some Ideas from the UK for the Indian marketInternational Journal of Law and Management Volume: 54, Issue: 4.

Nic Potts, (2014), An Unacceptable Misrepresentation: Dismissing Marx’s Value Theory By Deliberately Distorting The Temporal Single System Interpretation of MarxWorld Review Of Political Economy, Vol. 5 No. 1, Spring, pp. 66-116.

Nic Potts and A. Kilman, (2015), Is Marx’s Theory of Profit Right: The Simultaneist-Temporalist Debate, Lexington Books, Lanham (USA), ISBN 978-0-7391-9631-1.

Simon Mouatt, (2015), "Credit cycles: freewheeling, driving or driven?International Journal of Social Economics, Vol. 42 Issue: 7, pp.629 – 643.

Simon Mouatt, (2015) The Dissolution of the Financial State, Heterodox Studies in Political Economy Series, United States: Lexington Books. Back to top