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Journal publications

Ainsworth, Patrick. (2015). 'Technology enhanced reflection and meta-reflection: Guiding learners through reflective processes'. Dialogue, 5, pp. 24-36.

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Loscialpo, Flavia. (2011).  ‘Fashion and Philosophical Deconstruction: A Fashion in-Deconstruction’, in Fashion Forward, e-book, edited by A. de Witt-Paul and M.Crouch, Oxford: Inter-Disciplinary Press, pp.13-29.

Lu, Jing. (2015). 'Emerging technologies for health data analytics research: A conceptual architecture'. 2nd International Workshop on NoSQL Databases, Emerging Database Technologies and Applications, Valencia. September (In press).

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Monger, Al. (2013). 'Development of transnational work-based learning in the curriculum: an approach informed by the student experience'. Dialogue, 3, pp. 6-15.

Moszkowicz, Julia. (2013). 'Re-Learning Postmodernism in the History of Graphic Design: A (Con)Textual Analysis of Design Journal in the Late 1960s'. Journal of Design History, pp. 26, 2.

Moszkowicz, Julia. (2011). 'Gestalt and Graphic Design: an exploration of the humanistic and therapeutic effects of visual organisation'. Design Issues, 27, 4, pp. 56-67.

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Book publications

Berry, David, ed. (2012). 'Revisiting the Frankfurt School: essays on culture, media and theory'. Aldershot: Ashgate.

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Slevin, Tom. (2015) Visions of the Human: Art, World War One, and the Modernist SubjectLondon: I.B. Tauris.

Taylor, Brandon. (2009). 'Aleksander Rodchenko's lines of force'. London: Tate Papers, 12.

Taylor, Brandon. (2009). 'Lamm's way', in Leonid Lamm: from utopia to virtuality. Place: Palace Editions.

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