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 The Sport Education Partnership programme provides a range of contemporary Continuous Professional Development (CPD) and support services designed to support and enhance the local school curriculum. Programmes are designed to focus on the whole child and encourage them to fulfil their potential through an active lifestyle.

We have a strong history in the local area, and in 2019 engaged with over 80 per cent of schools in Southampton, while extending our reach into neighbouring boroughs. Our broad range of opportunities focus on key requirements that have been identified through our relationships with the city’s schools and are designed to impact on the primary sport's premium objectives. These include:

  • enhancing pupil health and wellbeing
  • supporting school culture
  • assisting with teaching and learning
  • inclusion and engagement
  • staff development opportunities
  • enrichment opportunities

Student opportunities

As a Solent student you will have the opportunity to develop your skills in a safe and controlled environment, whether as a volunteer or paid through campus jobs your engagement within our schools and community groups will be coordinated by the team at Solent. So, if you are new to coaching or event support or are qualified and want to enhance your knowledge of the industry please get in touch with the team.

School opportunities

Here at Solent we pride ourselves on being in the fortunate position to work with so many of our fantastic local schools and colleges. For many years we have provided schools with a curriculum enriching offer that has not only allowed their pupils to flourish but have also been supportive enough to take our students on the same journey. We continue to strengthen our relationships in this area through the hard work and dedication of the school sport team, all of whom work tirelessly to ensure that Southampton schools receive he best opportunities available.

If you would like to find out more then please download the Sport Education partnership brochure to see the full range of opportunities that are available, and if you wish to make a booking or have a question related to the products/services available please contact Lee Page who is our sports development officer.

These projects present a vital opportunity for all children to engage in exciting and challenging events. They also promote the school’s core values as well as other essentials such as attendance, fundamental movement skills, leadership, achieving personal bests and positive behaviour for learning.

A key feature of the success of these projects has been the infectious enthusiasm of the Solent coaching staff  and students, who are now viewed by children as a vital cog in Team Thornhill.

The school is also proud to support Solent students with opportunities to run curriculum and ASC sessions which provide vital data for educational research projects. These projects have been successful in promoting inclusion and increased participation among our least active children.” 
Damian Collins – PE teacher and lead expert, Thornhill Primary School

Our Civic Commitment

At Solent University we champion the city’s strengths, recognise its challenges and seize the opportunity to work collaboratively to build a fairer and sustainable future for all. Our commitment to real-world learning provides opportunities for the community and industry to shape the curriculum, with our approach to partnership working being reflective of our values.

Our connections, resources and knowledge allow us to take action on the issues where we feel we can make a difference, and by working together with partners and suppliers we help people live healthy, active and sustainable lifestyles.

Solent’s Civic Charter outlines a series of 10 commitments to the city, including:

  1. To nurture and empower communities to live healthy and active lifestyles. We will utilise our role as a convener to establish health and nutrition activity in the community while tailoring our sports and fitness provision to offer an inclusive environment for all.
  2. To work with partners to create a cleaner, green, healthier and more sustainable city in line with the principles set out in the Green City Charter for Southampton.
  3. To support students and staff to volunteer, making a difference to projects and organisations who share our vision of a culturally enriched, active and knowledge-orientated community.

If you are a student, member of staff or a local school and wish to find out more about the opportunities available please contact

Join us and be part of it – we are Southampton proud.

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