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You can improve the operating procedures of your club with a club development plan (CDP). The development plan will allow you to formulate short, medium and long-term aims and objectives, as well as prioritise projects and funding schemes to achieve your goals.  

Producing a CDP is often perceived as an onerous task, taking up valuable volunteer time. On the contrary, having a CDP in place will save you time and effort in delivering your long-term club development strategy. Members with knowledge, experience, drive and enthusiasm should lead on the implementation of the CDP. 

A good CDP should be based on the club’s current position and a realistic medium- and long-term model (usually three to five years). The plan can incorporate player and volunteer recruitment targets, coach and referee development, and any ‘on and off the field’ areas that can be improved.

  • Aims of the club development plan.
  • To identify and prioritise aims and objectives.
  • To use club resources more efficiently.
  • To implement a professional and business-focused approach.
  • To be proactive, not reactive.
  • To improve chances of securing external funding.
  • To attract new members.
  • To develop services for members.
  • To improve links for sponsorship and fundraising.

The club development plan should be based on five simple themes:

  1. History: where have we come from?
  2. Audit: where are we now?
  3. Aims: where do we want to be?
  4. Plan: how will we get there?
  5. Review: how will we know we have achieved our targets

For more information and help with your club development programme contact Basia Dudek, our Sports Programme Officer, at

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