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Abigail Bignell

BMus (Hons) Popular Music Performance
Current student

Abigail Bigness

Tell us why you went through Clearing

I went through Clearing because I had a sudden last-minute change of heart about the uni I'd been accepted into and my career path, so I felt my best chance of seeing the current available options that were relevant to my new aspirations would be to look at UCAS clearing.

How did you find the Clearing process at Solent?

Really easy; the hotline was really easy to reach despite being on holiday in another country at the time! All I had to do was find a course I felt was the best match, phone the uni's Clearing hotline to enquire, and answer some questions about my grades from college. The woman on the phone was really helpful and explained everything really clearly, and put my mind at ease during a really stressful time!

What advice would you give to those going through the Clearing process?

Don't wait to find the right course for you, the courses that are available on Clearing are likely to have limited spaces left, so if you see one that appeals to you just apply! If any doubts crop up later or during your course, the teams dedicated to helping and advising students at Solent are really supportive and will talk you through your options and help you find something more suitable! Equally, if you're unsure whether uni is right for you or are having second thoughts about your career path/uni choice, like I did, don't apply through clearing for the sake of it. Uni is expensive and a big commitment to working towards a degree that you'll have for the rest of your life, so make sure you're 100% happy with your decision and you know its the right thing to do for you!

What are your favourite bits of your degree, and the biggest challenges?

My favourite bits about my degree is how practical it is! I love that we get assessed throughout the year based on our coursework as exams and revision weren't always my favourite thing! I also love how involved the lecturers are during seminars, lectures and rehearsals, and how we constantly get feedback to help us improve all the time, rather than just at the end of an exam. The biggest challenges are probably adapting to working with loads of different people frequently due to rehearsals and gigs, but this is also really beneficial and realistic of a professional working environment

What are your future career plans?

I hope to continue writing original material, producing it, and releasing songs. I'd also love to be able to gig with them and work full-time solely off of music; whether that be more gigs, festivals, cruise ships, I'm open to lots of opportunities that I hope will make for a really enjoyable career!