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Elena Faull

BSc (Hons) Biomedical Science
Graduated 2021

Image of Elena Faull

Right now, I’m working in a start-up in London where I assist the scientists with everyday research, and every day is so different – one day we are working on strain engineering or in fermentation, another day it could be protein purification. It’s something I really enjoy because I’m learning something new every time I come to work.

My studies at Solent helped me prepare for my career by giving me all the lab skills I needed. While I’m working in biochemical engineering right now, the biomedical science course gave me the lab experience I needed which is quite transferable, so I have all the necessary lab skills I need to excel in this career.

In the science field there’s so many different disciplines and it’s really best to choose what you want to do at university – you’ve got biochemistry, biomedical science or bio-engineering, so I would say, if you’re unsure, go for biomedical science because it gives you a lot of transferable skills. You could go on to work in the NHS if you wanted to, and gain your portfolio which is something you might not be able to do with biochemistry – so it really does open the door for you in a vast range of scientific fields.

I would say I’m definitely looking forward to either progressing to a masters or a PhD. My time at Solent enabled me to go and achieve that if I wanted to, which I’m really grateful for.

I would recommend Solent to anyone – being at Solent has changed my life. I’ve met so many great friends and learned so many vital skills that I use daily in work, and I would just say it’s amazing. I miss my time at Solent!