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Adam Long

BA (Hons) Digital Music
Graduated 2017

Adam Long Djing

What is digital music?

Digital music is just an umbrella term for creative music production. It’s the process of using digital technologies such as computers, digital audio workstations and synthesisers to arrange, create and manipulate elements of music.

Who would you recommend the course to?

If you want to learn about a variety of key elements of electronic music production, this course is for you. With an emphasis on dance music, it also looks at key industry skills, such as music for film, live performance, and audio engineering.

How did university prepare you for your career?

Having a wider range of core units allowed me to experiment with different areas and then discover a further interest in digital sound design, which has led to me wanting to pursue a career as a sound designer for film or TV.

What tips would you give someone wanting a career in your industry?

Make sure it is something you are 100% passionate about. It's that passion that will keep the drive going to succeed or improve.

If you want a career in the industry, try and get out of your comfort zones and experiment with as many production techniques as possible to find a unique sound to your music.

What’s your favourite Solent memory?

I don't think it's possible to pick one defining moment, but I think as a whole it's got to be the people you meet along the way. You meet some amazing friends and its extra special when you can find an instant common ground with your love for music.

Tell us your career story so far

I really only started producing music as a hobby because I really wanted to learn how drum ‘n’ bass was created, but then I decided to head to uni and attempt to make my music more professional.

In terms of career, I've just graduated and am currently in the middle of a gap year. I plan on building up a sound design portfolio and gathering as much voluntary music-related work experience as I can in this time, and then hopefully return to Solent to study on a postgraduate course.

What’s your career highlight so far?

Having been able to network while at Solent I managed to play DJ support for Andy C – one of my idols within music – at Soundclash Festival 2016. This was extra special for me because I was able to play alongside one of my best mates from uni, too.