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Solent University runs an emergency short term loan scheme, giving students access to emergency cash in the event that they need immediate financial assistance. If your financial problems are more long term, you may want to think of ways to improve your  budgeting skills, or apply for a support grant.

Who can apply for an emergency short-term loan?

It is important to remember that we can only lend small amounts for basic living costs. Loans will require you to have taken out your full maintenance loan; and any loan offered is in cash, fully repayable and interest free.

  • UK and (some) EU students enrolled on a course at Solent can apply.
  • UK students whose first payment of student funding is significantly delayed can also apply.

How do I apply?

Students must complete an emergency short-term loan application form, which is available from the Student Hub (RM050) or our Portal page.

You must then see a student funding adviser with your completed form and evidence. They will discuss with you your financial situation and what attempts you have made to resolve it. Then they will assess your situation and decide if a loan is appropriate.

What do I need to bring?

You will need to provide the following evidence to be able to get a loan:

  • Your completed emergency short-term loan application form.
  • Evidence of current year enrolment at SSU.
  • A valid Direct Debit card.
  • UK 'home' students must provide a copy of their current academic year ‘Financial Support Notification’ detailing your funding entitlement (including Maintenance Loan).
  • EU students must provide confirmation of an EU tuition fee loan for the current academic year and supply proof of income to repay the loan.
  • One month’s bank statements for all bank accounts you hold.
  • Any evidence the funding adviser has requested from you regarding your situation.

Please ensure you provide photocopies as documents cannot be returned. For full eligibility criteria and for more information, please  read this leaflet.

What happens if I can't pay it back?

In the event that a loan cannot be repaid, the debt may be passed to a debt collection agency. Additionally, you may be charged a fine and no further loans will be given to you by the University. You will also not be able to attend your graduation ceremony.

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