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It is very difficult to estimate an individual's living costs as we all have different lifestyle requirements and spending habits.

However, as a general guideline we provide you with an estimate of average costs for accommodation and living expenses for a single student over a 40 week period.

Please note that the following estimate does not include the tuition fees and the costs of trips from and to your home country. Also bear in mind that your tuition fees are subject to increase year on year and you should make provision for any rise in costs.



Rent at average of £90/week (incl. utility bills - heating, electricity, water)


Food at average of £30/week


Books and other material


Leisure/social (entertainment, going out) at average of £40/week


Other general expenses (phone, washing, clothing)


Total average estimated costs


If accompanied by a spouse or older child you should allow at least an extra £4,000 per year and a minimum of £1,500 for each accompanying young child.

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