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Accommodation 2023 transcript

Audio description
Hi, my name is Anisha and today I will be showing you around the residences for Solent students. Music plays.
Anisha is stood outside the main entrance of one of the Solent student residences. Cutaway to 'David Moxon Student Residence' sign and external shot of the David Moxon residence.
Anisha continues: This is our David Moxon student residence. This is one of the closest residences to Solent University, five minutes away from the city centre and our university. It has everything a student could want, including kitchen, shared communal area, and a laundry room. Also it comes with a student Solent Residence Hub, which means that you've got staff to help you 24/7 if there is anything you need.
Anisha is talking to the camera standing outside the David Moxon residence. Cutaways of students walking through the parks, as well as Westquay shopping centre. Cutaways of a kitchen and laundry room in the residence.
Music plays
Shots of Chantry Student Residence, a bathroom and a bedroom.
Here we are at our Kimber residence which is right next to our David Moxon. there are about 270 bedrooms with en-suite facilities. Here I am in the communal area where you've got an area to study and also an area to relax with your friends.
Anisha is talking to the camera standing in the communal room in Kimber student residence. Cutaways to a student bedroom. Back to Anisha in the communal area and cutaways of the study areas and students watching TV on sofas.
This is Hamwic residence. This also comes with en-suite facilities and it is still five minutes away from the city centre and our University. we also have
Anisha is talking to the camera standing outside Hamwic student residence. Cutaways to a student room and external shots of Westquay.
We also have Deanery only 10 minutes from the city centre.
Cutaway of the Deanery student residence sign. external shot of the buildings and the communal area inside.
if you are interested in any of the Solent University accommodation, please get in touch and we'd be happy to help.
Cuts to graphic showing the web address for accommodation information - and the email address to contact the accommodation team - Fades out and Solent wave motif moves across the screen followed by Solent logo. [video ends]