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Are you Ready? transcript

This video 'Are you Ready?' is available as a text transcript, with a description of visuals.

Audio description
An animated title comes onto the screen, with the words; 'Get ready to think big'. Inspiring music plays in the background.
The screen zooms into the one of the letters to reveal an image behind of a group of students working in a group with an academic helping them. Text appears over the top; 'To be inspired'.
The photo fades into another with a fashion model in a photography studio. New text appears; 'To inspire others'.
The photo fades into another with a student using sports exercise equipment - a V02 max machine wearing a breathing mask. New text appears; 'To make an impact'.
The photo fades into another with two students laughing whilst walking in front of the Southampton Guildhall. New text over the top appears; 'To shape the world'.
The photo fades into another with two students singing into a microphone. New text appears over the top in a sequence; 'Business and Law, Psychology and criminology, Sports and Fitness, Art, Design, Fashion and Beauty TV, Film and Media, Maritime'.
It then zooms out of the photo back through the text to reveal the title; 'Are you ready'. It then zooms back in through the text to reveal text behind; Apply now. And then the Solent University logo fades up. [End]