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BA (Hons) Television Production showreel transcript

Audio description
Video opens with coloured smoke, and the words 'Solent University' appear on the screen.
Video shows a montage of clips of student work including clapperboards, Jools Holland, followed by the words 'Television Production Factual'
For me today is about community. There are four of r's - refuse, re-use, refill, recycle. We knew we felt recycled globally. We now get through 1 million of this type of bottle. Speaker 2 - Every minute in that circle is a microplastic. Today, India produces almost 5.6 million tonnes of plastic.
Words appear on screen 'A plastic wave' followed by shots of a student produced film about plastic on our beaches.
Welcome to Mumbai, the gateway of India, home to over 20 million people. I in this one, the most densely populated cities on the planet.
Video shows man in Tuktuk in India, travelling through the streets
Speaker 1 - My name is Nick Reynolds, or I'm in a band called Alabama three and on the sculpture of death Masks. Speaker 2 - What made you decide you wanted one done of your dad? Speaker 1 - I think it's something that was quite common in the 18th century, and my father was very much an 18th century man. It seemed a fitting tribute to memorialize him in a permanent form.
Text appears on screen at 0.45 seconds - Nick Reynolds, The Final Portrait Video shows a man performing on stage, and chatting in an interview format.
Hidden deep within a Hampshire meadow in the south of England. You'll find an extraordinary group of people there working to protect some of the rarest and most threatened birds on the planet. The Troy. But we believe he is the only out in the world that scared of heights.
Video shows birds eye view of Hampshire forestland, video then cuts to falconers with rare birds landing on their arms. Cut to shot of owl and voiceover. Then shots of rare birds with text on screen that reads 'Feathered tales'
Speaker 1 - There's a moment in your life, I reckon, when you get it, when somebody says to you something that sparks the imagination for you to suddenly appreciate and love wildlife. So we have road traffic collisions, helicopter crashes, plane crashes, house fires. We still we get the catch on the tree.
Shots of birds flying through the sky with voiceover.
We've been given exclusive access to to fire stations to show that they are more than just a fire service. Sorry. Got to go. But we got that. Your car has hit a tree. The guy believes he's had sleep apnoea and fell asleep at the wheel. These are our rescue teams. This is beyond the blue lights.
Shot starts with firefighters going down a pole, and a fire alarm sounding. Firefighters are then seen getting into the truck with sirens, racing towards an emergency. Text then appears on screen 'Beyond the blue lights' Video then shows firefighters putting out fires, in deep water and at road traffic accidents.
Text appears on screen 'Production drama' Speaker 1 Who is this maximum? He's American. The Tories, apparently for stealing other people's inventions to Murrysville. Filed in one day. Oh, look. 00:02:50:05 - 00:02:54:23 Speaker 2 Poppy, you know we can't save everyone. 00:02:55:05 - 00:02:58:08 Speaker 1 We could save more people if we didn't have to save him. 00:02:59:13 - 00:03:06:18 Speaker 2 Robert? Robert, can you hear me? It's no from the ambulance service. 00:03:07:24 - 00:03:39:03 Speaker 1 I'm not letting you save you, Chris. God save. This is happening.
Video show various shots of dramatic films created by Solent students.
Welcome to date my mate. The show where your best mate chooses your date. This week we have Chloe looking for love with the help of her best friend, Petya. I'm sorry. I'm 21. I'm a fashion student. I'm 50. I'm 20 years old, and I'm a third year student. We're testing the boys, depending on Chloe's interests. So since Chloe used to swim professionally, let's see how the boys fare in the Big East.
Text appears on screen 'entertainment' Text appears 'date my mate' Video then shows various shots of 3 males trying to impress the female contestant, in swimming pools on giant inflatables, and in bars.
Welcome to High Stakes, The show where two teams take how successful their team members will be in a battle of intellect. What is an animal without a backbone called invertebrate? Correct. Our series winner is Worthing College. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome to the stage Mr. Jules Pullen. Big step forward.
Text on screen reads 'High stakes' Video shows a game show type format, with host and contestants taking part
Was when I was aged about eight. My uncle, he could play boogie woogie piano in the piano in my grandmother's front room. He played this boogie. Really? Piano when I heard this. For me, the chaos of the universe became ordered. And I heard that music. And it might be so exciting. And I thought, I've just got to.
Video shows audience cheering, then Jools Holland entering the stage. Video then shows Jools playing with his orchestra a range of different songs.
Speaker 1 - Phoebe, Do you know what day it is? Speaker 2 - 23rd of March Speaker 1- Which only means one thing. Speaker 2 - It's the final of Take the stage. We have travelled all the way from the Roaring Twenties. Through the decades and have finally landed in 2018, seeing a variety of talent from drama to music. Speaker 1 - I felt like you were in a world of your own, which is good, but I just wanted to be drawn in more. I want wanted to come to your party. Speaker 2 - So I'm joined by a few more guys over here. What do you think of the show tonight, guys?
Scene opens with male and female on screen chatting to each other into their microphones. Video then shows a variety of different dramatic and musical performances
After 20 minutes, it seem like, Will needed the crew to step in. It's easy this!
Text appears on screen 'Behind the scenes' Shots appear of students working behind the scenes on various productions, behind the camera, on sound and mixing desks and interviewing.
Text appears on screen 'Television production degrees'
Video ends
Video ends