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Clearing 2022 - Amaranta shares her story transcript

Audio description
In my head the whole way through college the whole way through school I wanted to be a teacher, I wanted to do Spanish and French at uni and then I started having these doubts, and I was like I don't want to do this anymore, like I don't want to be a teacher, what else can I do if I do a languages degree? And I've always had this love for singing and I did music tech at college and I just wanted to combine the two and it was a bit late for me at this point to then apply through UCAS for loads of different courses, so I was looking for courses where you could apply through Clearing, there were a few, but the Solent course just completely stuck out for me - It was the perfect thing for me that I wanted to do. The Clearing process was absolutely amazing. Literally, on results day I called the Clearing hotline, I spoke to a really friendly person I'm pretty sure she was a student actually who was helping out and she was so polite. She got me through it so quickly, so easily, and then I had no doubts from that point onwards I wanted to go here. I have no regrets and I just know now for sure that this is exactly what I want to do as a career.
Upbeat music plays in the background. BA (Hons) Popular Music Performance and Production student, Amaranta Barker, is sat in a music recording studio at Solent University talking to camera.
Upbeat music plays, then gradually fades out. Cuts to graphic that says, 'Register for help and advice',, with the Solent University, Southampton logo at the top and a red neon semi-circle at the bottom. [Video ends]