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Clearing 2022 - Max shares his story transcript

Audio description
Hi, I'm Max. I've just finished my second year studying football business management at Solent. I came through Clearing... It was a very smooth process and I felt welcomed straight away. So I went through Clearing because I actually took two years off from studying. Lockdown then happened! And I was sort of looking through courses and trying to find a football course, and Solent just stood out. They have the experience here, they have the years of doing the courses, they had this map of where um graduates are now working and like it was, it was so impressive and I just couldn't say no at that point. The best thing about my course is the conciseness of it. I feel like nothing that I learn isn't useful. I did my first year online so moving into in-person in second year was a little bit strange, but we all gelled really well and I think it was because we were all just so welcomed and all very, very similar to each other as well. I think everyone gels because we have a lot in common. It's business management focused but having that nicheness of everything being directed into the industry just allows you when you are going to go into your career you have that knowledge that someone that's just done business management does not have and you, therefore, have such a massive boost and I think Solent do that so well in so many courses - that nicheness allows you to study on something focused which gives you that boost when you're going into that industry. Going through Clearing was a little bit different. I actually contacted the university directly first of all, because I wasn't coming straight from college to university. So I was first told yes we'll accept an application if you put one through UCAS. After that point I've felt very at ease because I was confirmed a place which is mainly the reason I didn't go straight from college to university because I would have wanted and was able to get that just the confirmation and the confidence that when I applied to a place, I had the insurance that I knew I was going to get it rather than being unsure confirmation and the confidence that when I applied to a place, I had the insurance that I knew I was going to get it rather than being unsure. I started in the football industry by volunteering. I actually went over to Ghana, which gave me a lot of inspiration to want to further my studies and now that I've finished my second year I am I'm doing volunteering again at the women's euros in Southampton which I don't think would have been possible if I hadn't had my course. I'm actually managing other volunteers there which just clearly shows that they took a like to it because I was doing the course that was so relevant to that position.
Upbeat music plays in the background. Student, Maxwell O'Leary Mullock, is standing by Itchen Bridge in Southampton talking to camera.
Upbeat music plays, then gradually fades out. Cuts to a graphic that says, 'Clearing now open',, with the Solent University, Southampton logo at the top and a red neon semi-circle at the bottom. [Video ends]