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Discover Solent University transcript

This video 'Discover Solent University' is available as a text transcript, with a description of visuals.

Audio description
A group of students look straight to the camera
A montage of shots show a sports student working out with various gym equipment.
A momtage of fashion students show them working in the Fashion studios, looking at sewing patterns and using sewing machines.
A montage of shots show Maritime cadets using the ship simulation centre and use range of seafaring navigation equipment.
A montage of shots show a student hiring media equipment out from the university, then arriving at a football stadium to work on a sport broadcast.
A montage of shots show students working in a Fashion studio, applying make up to the model, then photographing them in the studio.
A montage of shots show a student playing various musical instruments, then being guided by a lecturer to use music production software.
A montage of shots show the maritime navy cadets walking through the maritime engineering workshops whilst students are working using a range of engineering tools.
A montage of shots show students using sports science equipment, with another student running on a treadmill attached to monitoring equipment, that the other students are analysing with the guidance of a lecturer.
Each student is shown individually on screen looking into the camera smiling.
Outro of the video shows a moving graphic of red waves on a white background, which then turn the whole screen red, and the Solent University logo appears in the middle, along with the web address,