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Interior Design Decoration work on live brief for Beaulieu transcript

Audio description
So we were contacted by Palace house and this is the Lord Montague's home in Beaulieu near the New Forest National Park, and we received an email asking any Universities any colleges who wanted to be involved in doing an interior design project with him and Palace house. Obviously we've thought this was an amazing opportunity so we jumped at the idea of liaison with his lordship and we're really fortunate that after a meeting he took us on board and we then managed to embed the project into a third year project that we do this is called 'professional projects'. It was an ideal opportunity to create a live project. The project was to design two bedrooms and two bathrooms for his lordship with some bespoke wallpaper.
Lydia Southwell Course Leader of BA (Hons) Interior Design Decoration is talking to the camera.
The brief was to create bedrooms that had a real wow factor for visitors as they came round because at the moment they don't really see, well they see one bedroom in the house and I wanted to bring in a, you know, a new element for our visitors to see as well as obviously being nice bedrooms to sleep in, and I had some general ideas, well, vague ideas but I thought you know wouldn't it be great if if I could work with some students in interior design see what ideas they might come up with and very happily Solent University, which is of course the nearest university here and also the place where I did my Art Foundation, agreed to form a collaboration with me and today I've just seen the final presentations of the students for two different bedrooms and bathrooms and I'm absolutely thrilled with the results.
Lord Montegue of Beaulieu is standing in Palace hourse talking to camera.
Our project was the Garden Room. We took inspiration from The Gardens of Beaulieu So with the rooms we had a lot of bespoke elements - so surface designs were created for the entire room as well as all their spatial elements and we designed the entire space for him.
Students Rosie and Bethan are talking to camera from Palace house.
We've been getting together each week and then our client meetings owith Lord Montegue, and making and mood boards like, Photoshop visualisations and using VectorWorks quite a bit to make like, elevations and plans and each week we'd show them what we've worked on and he'd give us feedback and new ideas and we'd go away and change it and then come back which is kind of how it developed really.
Student Lola Gurr is talking to camera from Palace House.
We took a lot a lot of our inspiration on his family heraldy. Yeah celebrating his family ancestry, so a lot of it comes from like, his coat of arms and there's a big like, giant document it's like a big old scroll and it's called like the garter it's full of shields of the shields of his ancestors, so a lot of our inspirations come from that and that's the focus of our main wallpaper design as well.
Students Lola and Sara are talking to camera from Palace House.
I think a project like this I think first and foremost because it's been a live project and they've understand all the nuances that come with working with a live client but they've also had to think much more about time scale about budget and think how important it is to have all those sort of elements lined up, so that they understand the balancing act that's required within a project you know, as everybody says, time is money - so you know, the longer something takes the more it's going to cost and obviously it's really important to factor those things in for a client. But the beauty about this project is - the students that they're graduating their third year so they've just all finished their degree - the project is continuing, and it's going to continue until it goes through to find a resolution and so his lordship is going to continue working with those students. So they'll have a chance to have created something during their degree and see it implemented and put into what is a prestigious home, something which, is a stately home and hopefully have longevity there and actually be there for quite a while to come.
Lydia Southwell Course Leader of BA (Hons) Interior Design Decoration is talking to the camera.
Actually working as a group with a live client it's been really insightful and giving us an insight into the industry and what it's going to be like to work with a real client. I think for myself it's definitely just the experience of working you know in this amazing Palace it's so beautiful, and yeah you don't get an experience like this so actually meeting Lord Montague and having regular meetings with him and working with a live client. And it's so like, amazing to see our initial ideas and how much we develop as a team and how much the idea develops from our first stages to how it looks now and to actually see like we're seeing a kitchen being ripped out so we can actually like visualise what it's going to look like in the future.
Students Rosie and Bethan are talking to camera from Palace house.
I think they've really brought a sort of individuality of style and illustration that I just had never imagined before and I think that you know, when they come back in the future and hopefully see their designs in the rooms they will feel that their signatures are very much on those rooms.
Lord Montegue of Beaulieu is standing in Palace hourse talking to camera.