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Mental health support at Solent University transcript

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At Solent University our top priority is supporting the well-being of our students. If at any point during your studies you experience any issues that are troubling you, our dedicated mental health and therapy team can offer a range of support to help -
Upbeat music plays in background. Voice over talks over video. Shots of students on university campus walking in large building atrium and then working in lecture theatre listening to the lecturer.
no problem is too big or too small. The friendly team offer a variety of free support depending on your needs including; talking therapies such as single session therapy, counselling and cbt, workshops and courses, hypnotherapy and if appropriate, an appointment with a mental health advisor. Therapy can help offload what's bothering you, explore what is causing you distress and help you overcome obstacles and identify a way forward.
Voice over talks over video. Shots of students working in the library and studying on campus
Students from all backgrounds can access our service and our staff are trained and experienced in working with issues of diversity including; sexuality, gender identity, culture and ethnicity. Before you even arrive at Solent we can also refer you to a mental health advisor to ensure all support services are in place, ready for your arrival.
Voice over talks over video. Shots of students walking in the sunny park and in sitting student halls room.
However well-being isn't all about looking after the mind. Taking care of physical health is just as important and our sports complex offers you the perfect place to do that, offering state-of-the-art health, fitness and well-being equipment.
Voice over talks over video. Shots of students doing various activities in the gym such as lifting weights and jumping.
Finally, remember that being at university means that you are part of a community and you are never alone. There is always a wide range of support available to help guide you through. If you have any questions regarding the support Solent offers just get in touch with our friendly team via email on
Voice over talks over video. Shots of students of groups of students laughing together in the park, then shots of groups of students in university building atrium sitting on chairs. Graphic of email address come up at bottom of screen,
Upbeat music plays, then fades out. Cuts to graphic of animated colourful graphic, that fades down, and Solent University logo fades up as well as text, [Video ends]