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Solent Unviersity Southampton logo

New students? Returning students? We're putting you first transcript

Audio description
Upbeat music plays. Starts with dark background and Solent University logo fades up.
Graphic changes to show text; "New students? Returning students? We can't wait to welcome you to campus this September".
Graphic changes to show text; "To keep you safe on campus, we're offering a mix of on-campus and interactive digital experiences using the latest technology".
Graphic changes to show text; "With all the support you need to flourish in this new environment". Animated graphic of flowers springing up on screen.
Graphic fade down and new graphic fades up of one flower springs up in the middle of the screen, surrounded by text; "careers, employability, academic support, therapy and mental health, finance, funding, student hub, student's union".
Graphic of flowers petals flying away in the wind. Followed by the screen fading up to a dark screen with the text that appears; "We've adapted our teaching to provide a safe, welcoming and successful study environment for you". In the background are the outlines of two people with a line showing '2 metres for enhanced safety' between them.
Text fades now, new text fades up; "Access to all the learning facilities and specialist equipment you need".
A new graphic appears of icons relating to text; A spanner with the text "Work shops" A computer with the text "IT suites" A hammer with the text "Moot room" A weight with the text "Teaching gym" A film camera with the words "Film and TV studios" A mixing desk with the words "Recording studios" A book with the words "Library" A boat with the words "Sim centre" A camera with the words "Photography Studio" Headphones with the words "Music rooms" A glass flask with the words "Bio med labs" And ends with the Solent University logo
A new graphic appears of a plain dark background and text that appears that says; "The latest virtual teaching tools for engaging and challenging online learning".
The text disappears and new text appears that says; "Rich resources to support the highest quality teaching". A graphic of two people appear in the background surrounded by icons including a globe, calendar, magnifying glass, calendar and pens.
The icons disappear, the two people remain and text changes to; "A new transformation academy to help lecturers deliver the very best teaching".
The text and people disappear and new text appears; "New learning communities to encourage new friendships and social activities". A graphic of two people in the background are waving to each other.
A new graphic appears of a plain dark background and the text appears; "Exciting opportunities to develop your confidence and skills through real-world exercises".
New text appears; "A technology bursary fund for students unable to access IT equipment".
The background changes to a lighter blue colour and new text appears; "Improved online support services, including employability and entrepreneurship"
A darker background takes over and new text appears; "Protecting your health and wellbeing remains our top priority, and we will continue to be guided by government and sector advice".
New text appears; "But we also want to make your time at Solent exceptional - the teaching, the career opportunities and the social side.
New graphic appears of an outline of a group of people with one of them that has a graduation cap on, along with the text; "Whatever happens we're putting you first".
Upbeat music plays, then fades out. Cuts to graphic of animated colourful graphic, that fades down, and Solent University logo fades up as well as text, [Video ends]