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Why study BA (Hons) Sociology transcript

Audio description
Sociology is the study of society. It involves studying social organisations, involves studying people and how people interact and people as they live in everyday culture. Sociology at Solent University involves studying a range of modules dedicated to exploring and expanding your sociological imagination, looking at issues such as; racism and ethnicity, gender and inequality. Inequalities to do with age, inequalities to do with disability, social problems such as gangs and crime. Sociology at Solent University doesn't just involve doing academic study but involves doing research in the real world and we ask you as sociologists, to go out and to study and make sense of the everyday experiences you encounter. Studying here in Southampton, at Solent, involves being taught in some of the most modern and fantastic teaching, learning spaces and resources, by some of the most experienced and fantastic university lecturers in sociology.
Course Leader of Sociology at Solent University is stood in the Spark building on campus talking to camera. Throughout are cutaways of students walking around campus, sitting and studying, and the Spark building at Solent University. Upbeat music plays in background.
Upbeat music plays, then fades out. Cuts to graphic of animated colourful graphic, that fades down, and Solent University logo fades up as well as text, [Video ends]