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Why study BSc (Hons) Mental Health Nursing transcript

Audio description
I picked Solent because I thought the location's fantastic, it's right in the centre of town, it's very easy to get to, the facilities here are great, the teaching staff - I met them on the open day last February - and they all seemed really knowledgeable, really friendly, really open. I'm doing a nursing course, we have a clinical suite, which is made up like a hospital ward, there's about seven or eight different beds in it, there's interactive dummies that can be set and can be moved, so we can do bloods, we can do obs, I think they can even give birth, and they can be set interactively so they can talk and they can flinch and they can cry out in pain, so it's really like actual talking and treating to an actual person it's fantastic. Our course lecturers are all really, really experienced mental health nurses, so they bring a real wealth of knowledge, they've all been nurses, nursing students themselves, so they understand what it is to go through the process of learning. They're all so patient, so incredibly patient, they're very supportive and I really feel like they know me personally, I'm not just another number not just another student, that they really take their time to really make sure that we get the best experience here. So I've had lots of opportunities on the course to get lots of practical experience. Half our course is theory and half is all practical, so if you're doing a nursing course, a mental health nursing course, you can be sent out into acute wards, inpatient units, out in the community, in schools, in hospices. We do two placements every year, each 11 weeks long, so we have a lot of opportunities to really network and to go out and to really learn what it is to be a nurse.
Student of BSc (Hons) Mental Health Nursing is stood in the Spark building at Solent University talking to camera. Upbeat music plays in the background. Throughout are cutaways to the nursing suites that include patient beds, heart monitoring machines, and patient bathrooms. There are also cutaways to Solent University lecturer theatres with students being taught by and academic, as well as shots of students working in groups in the library.
Solent University is really well placed, it's right in the centre of the town, the city, loads of bars, loads of clubs, loads of nightlife, we've got museums, we've got art galleries, you've got everything that you'd want really and we're also very very close to London, it's about an hour away on the train.
Student of BSc (Hons) Mental Health Nursing is stood in the Spark building at Solent University talking to camera. Throughout are cutaways to students sitting in groups on the grass in parks in Southampton, shots of the shopping centre 'West Quay', St Mary's Football Stadium, and also shots of concerts of bands in local venues,
I've learnt things that I never even thought I'd learn, I've done things I never ever thought I'd be able to do and it's just been a really wonderful experience.
Student of BSc (Hons) Mental Health Nursing is stood in the Spark building at Solent University talking to camera.
Upbeat music plays, then fades out. Cuts to graphic that says, 'Get ready for university',, fades down, and fades up Solent University logo. [Video ends]