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Thanks to donations from our alumni, staff and friends we are able to provide additional support for our Solent student community. Below you can hear from one of our local student bursary recipients and read more about how your funds have made a difference to our Solent community. 


34 local student bursaries were awarded for the 2023/24 academic year. Here is how your donations made a difference.

"I am truly honoured and humbled to be a recipient of this bursary. Your kindness and generosity have not only lightened my financial load but have also motivated me to work harder and strive for excellence in my studies. Your belief in my potential has given me a renewed sense of purpose and determination."
BA (Hons) Adult Nursing Practice student

"This bursary will help ease the financial burden on me and motivate me to excel in my studies and make the most of this incredible opportunity. Your generosity will not only help make my dreams more achievable but also reinforce my belief in the importance of helping others in their educational endeavours."
BSc (Hons) Accountancy and Finance student

"Please know that I am committed to utilising this bursary wisely and responsibly. Your investment in my future is not taken lightly and I am determined to make the most of this opportunity. Your kindness and generosity have not only lightened my financial load but have also ignited a renewed sense of determination and purpose within me."
BA (Hons) Digital Music student


43 local student bursaries were awarded for the 2022/23 academic year. Here is a snapshot of how your funding is making a difference:

“I am so grateful that this has been awarded to me, allowing me to progress with my university course, meaning I can bring a better life to me and my two girls. It will allow me to purchase new sketch books and paint and drawing equipment that is well needed for me on my course.”
BA (Hons) Interior Design Decoration student

“As a recipient of a bursary I am grateful and touched by your donation. Especially so with the current increased costs in energy, travel and food. As you can probably guess, as a student I am hoping to greatly improve my knowledge and employability - with this bursary I hope to be able to continue on my journey to becoming a primary school teacher for children with special educational needs, here in Hampshire. The bursary will help me continue to take part in valuable placement work at local SEN schools and will assist in the materials I need to complete my degree. Without your donation I would not be able to enrich my knowledge with these experiences.”
BSc Psychology student

“I am a third-year journalism student and I plan to pursue a career in freelance or independent journalism. Receiving this financial help has provided means and motivation to complete my course at a high level during a period of financial uncertainty which is affecting everyone. Lightening my financial burdens allows me to focus on the most important part of university: learning."
BA (Hons) Journalism student


We awarded 29 local student bursaries for the 2021/22 academic year. 


This year, three students benefited from receiving a grant to support them with volunteering at registered charities.

See how donations to the Student Experience Fund made a difference to one of the students awarded a volunteering grant in 2020.

Donations to the Covid-19 Response Fund  made a huge difference, supporting Solent students, the local community and research. Donations to the fund enabled us to:

  • Biomedical research investigating how an over-active immune response could be the cause of some fatalities due to Covid-19.
  • Donate 400 activity packs to the Radian Good Grub Club at Home initiative.
  • Help over 180 students through a hardship fund.
  • Provide support to students unable to travel home.
  • Supply students with food vouchers and grocery deliveries.
  • Support families with young children to prepare and budget low cost, nutritious meals. 


In 2019, we awarded 17 bursaries to local students. Here are their stories:

Megan, BEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering

My name is Megan, and I am a final year mechanical engineering student at Solent.

For as long as I can remember I have been fascinated by mechanics. As a little girl, I remember looking at aeroplanes and wanting to know how they worked. That’s why I am so pleased to be studying at Solent, working towards my dream career.

Receiving the local student bursary changed my life. I am so grateful to the generosity of former students and staff who donated. It allows me to focus on my studies and follow my dream of being a mechanical engineer in the aerospace industry.

In my family, I am the first person to go to University. Having been a student from a low-income background and after the diagnosis of my mother’s illness, I have worked incredibly hard, with very little resources, to get to my current position whilst also helping care for my mum.

I have been unable to get a part-time job. My time is taken up with my studies and caring for my mum.  Money was extremely stretched after paying the necessary bills, such as rent and food. I would worry about how I would afford the weekly bus fare and was unsettled as I knew this was affecting my studies.

As a result, I also had very limited social interaction outside of the University – as my focus was on saving as much money as possible for study related material. It felt very lonely.

This all changed when I heard I would receive the bursary. I felt free. I couldn’t believe it when I found out I’d be getting a bursary. I know how competitive they are, so I was overwhelmed!

The bursary has helped me with the costs of studying, such as transport to and from the campus, as well as allowing me to attend events and work experience which supports my career prospects.  It also means I can finally join in with my friends on a special occasion like a birthday meal.

I now worry less about my finances and can focus on my final and busiest year at Solent. The bursary has truly raised what would have been unpassable. I feel free and can focus on my studies without constantly worrying about my finances.

I am putting everything into my time at Solent to achieve my dream. I am so excited for what the future holds and can’t wait to pursue my dream career as a mechanical engineer in the aerospace industry, thanks to the generosity of people like you.

Jordan, BA (Hons) Computer Games Design

My name is Jordan and I am a final year BA (Hons) Computer Games Design at Solent.

As a Local Student Bursary recipient, I am so grateful to everyone who donated. As a full-time carer for my mother, the bursary took a huge weight off my shoulders. The bursary is helping to cover the cost of travel to campus and providing better equipment to further my studies in software development. It has truly allowed me to progress further in my education.

Being a full-time carer and a full-time student is difficult at times. The bursary has allowed me to focus on my studies without having to worry about how I’ll be able to continue my studies.

Thank you to everyone who has donated. You have lessened the stress and allowed me to focus on my studies. 


In 2018, thanks to donations from our alumni, staff and friends, we were able to award three bursaries from the Local Student Bursary Scheme for the first time.

Liz, a mature student from Southampton, was one of the first recipients to receive the new Local Student Bursary. Liz has experienced several challenging times in her life but is excited by the opportunity higher education brings.

Liz, one of the recipients of a student bursary

"When I was 18, I never had the opportunity to get a good education. My goal is to one day become a qualified product designer. To me the industry is full of exciting, challenging careers that involve using excellent skills.

"I want to enhance my creative skills and knowledge that will enable me to join and contribute to this dynamic and constantly evolving world. Humans have always sought to improve the way they live, and I want to be a part of that.

"Only a good education will give me the chance to live my dream. I’m so pleased Solent is giving me this opportunity and with extra support through a bursary."

Jean, a mature student who is studying Fashion and Design, has also received the Local Student Bursary and is truly grateful of how the funds are going to help ‘change her life’.

"As a mature, full-time student there are lots of challenges in my life including financial worries. Through receiving the bursary I will now be able to buy a computer, chair and table, which will support my studies."

Jean, one of the recipients of a student bursary

Lucie's story

With the support of our alumni, staff and friends, each year a £1,000 bursary will be awarded to as many local students from deprived backgrounds as possible. Higher education offers new possibilities for a brighter future. We want to support aspiring students from our local community to experience all that Solent has to offer and shape the future around them.

If you’d like to support Solent students and help shape lives, donate online here.

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