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Thanks to donations from our alumni, staff and friends we have been able to award two bursaries from the Local Student Bursary Scheme for the first time, which supports the next generation of students from our local community. 

Liz, a mature student from Southampton, is one of the first recipients to receive the new Local Student Bursary. Liz has experienced several challenging times in her life but is excited by the opportunity higher education brings.  

Liz, one of the recipients of a student bursary

"When I was 18, I never had the opportunity to get a good education. My goal is to one day become a qualified product designer. To me the industry is full of exciting, challenging careers that involve using excellent skills.

"I want to enhance my creative skills and knowledge that will enable me to join and contribute to this dynamic and constantly evolving world. Humans have always sought to improve the way they live, and I want to be a part of that. 

"Only a good education will give me the chance to live my dream. I’m so pleased Solent is giving me this opportunity and with extra support through a bursary."

Jean, a mature student who is studying Fashion and Design, has also received the Local Student Bursary and is truly grateful of how the funds are going to help ‘change her life’.  

"As a mature, full-time student there are lots of challenges in my life including financial worries. Through receiving the bursary I will now be able to buy a computer, chair and table, which will support my studies."

 Jean, one of the recipients of a student bursary

With the support of our alumni, staff and friends, each year a £1,000 bursary will be awarded to as many local students from deprived backgrounds as possible. Higher education offers new possibilities for a brighter future. We want to support aspiring students from our local community to experience all that Solent has to offer and shape the future around them.

If you’d like to support Solent students and help shape lives, donate online here


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