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Solent Unviersity Southampton logo
Solent Unviersity Southampton logo

Our coat of arms and heraldic badge

In 2020 Solent University was granted an official coat of arms in recognition of our status and long history of educational excellence since 1856.

Solent University's Coat of Arms

Granted by letters patent from the Garter Principal King of Arms, our coat of arms combines the University's long history and tradition with contemporary symbols to reflect its modern standing.

Our coat of arms is used for our main ceremonial events, such as graduation, official University communications, as a focal point for our alumni and a reminder to take pride over our traditions and heritage.

It contains four important elements:

The Shield: The simple geometric red and white design signifies a contemporary chart of the Solent and the Isle of Wight reflecting the University’s longstanding connection to the South of England.

The Crest: This depicts two Northern Gannets ‘fencing’. These seabirds symbolise a strong maritime link to the sea and the Solent.

Supporters: These take the form of an adaption of the Warsash Dragon, the original heraldic badge for our Warsash Maritime School which has been a first-class Marine School for the past 70 years.

Motto: “Ready for the future.” The motto is placed below the coat of arms and celebrates Solent University as a modern institution which is ready to adapt to new times ahead, while the coat of arms reflects its longstanding educational history.

Our heraldic badge for the Warsash Maritime School includes and adaptation of the 'Warsash Dragon', a standard depicting the Solent and Isle of Wight in a simple geometric design to highlight the University's location and an anchor to recognise our first-class maritime education for the past 70 years.

Warsash Maritime School heraldic badge of the 'Warsash Dragon'

range of merchandise is now available featuring the new coat of arms and the heraldic badge.

Solent University's Coat of Arms