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Mark was an amazing man, funny, clever, passionate and compassionate. His absence will be felt and he will never be forgotten.

Maddy Rumney


Dear Mark,

I was privileged enough to be your student and to learn from you, not just on the subject of law but also in life. You have taught me valuable life skills and morals to live by. Ironically you were an individual who had an impact in family since you taught 3 different generations which I believe it was not a coincidence. You were an inspiration and mentor to many of us. I hope you lived life to the fullest and I pray that your soul rests in power. I send my prayers to your family and I extend my condolences to everyone and anyone you had an impact on.

'You have made your mark now your free to fly'

Gervasio Tchikomo


RIP Mark

Thank you for everything

You will be truly missed


Sarah Ologun


Thank you Mark. I would not have achieved what I have without you. You were an amazing lecturer and a wonderful person.

Mark was very open minded and had time for everyone. Whenever I was troubled, I knew I could talk to Mark and feel better afterwards.

A moment that will always stay with me that got me in the heart was during my second year while stressing about the exams. At the end of the EU exam, Mark put his hand on my shoulder and said he knew I could do it. He was right.

During my third year when I had doubts about my progression, I approached Mark and during a heart to heart he introduced me to Marcus Aurelius Meditations which he said helped him immensely. I bought the book and it has given me comfort.

I enjoyed our interactions outside of university due to our shared passions for philosophy and Star Wars. Mark was always a joy.

When I heard that Mark had passed away I felt numb and I couldn't believe it. Mark will be forever missed and forever loved.

Rest easy, my friend. We will meet again someday.

Love Jord

Jordan Wylde


Thank you for all you have done for me and so many others. You will be deeply missed by everyone at Solent.

It's not the length of life, but depth of life.

Flo Simpson


Mark, you were such an inspirational figure throughout my three years at university. You were always the one myself and many others could turn to whether for help or comfort which made you stand out so much as a lecturer. You were a smart, brilliant, funny and caring man and you will be missed by all of us.

Rest in peace x

Chloe Cosier


It comes as such sad news to hear that Mark is no longer with us. I can honestly say Mark was like no other. He was not just a lecturer, but someone who was genuine, funny and a great man. He helped not only just me, but all my fellow class members. He will truly be remembered during and many years after graduating as the most supportive and best lecturer. You will be missed.

Erin Hawnt


A kind hearted and lovely man.

Thank you for being you.

R.I.P Mark

Belinder Sandhu


Rest in peace Dear Mark. thank you for being a wonderful person, for pushing me to do better in Intellectual Property Law. And for all your contributions to Solent and the world. My thoughts are with your family.

Roselyn Adiele


Mark you were so humble, so calm. You will always be in our memories, rest in peace legend!

Happy Simelane


I shared an office and worked with Mark for many years.

He was an intelligent man with a great sense of humour.

He was always liked by those he taught and was often to be seen in the pub opposite after class leading lively conversations about law and politics and we both shared insights and humorous anecdotes and opinions about the pomposity of university authority. It was sad to hear of his untimely death. A nice man.

Julian Samiloff


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