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I was deeply saddened to hear the news of Mark's loss, his memory will always burn strong among the students he taught and the friends he made.

Mark was easily the best lecturer I ever had - he helped me realise what I enjoyed and which area of law I wanted to pursue. I owe many of the career choices I have made to Mark.

Thank you Mark for all the support you provided along the way, you will be sorely missed.

Monique Sahota


It was a great privilege to have known and been taught by Mark over the last two years. Every lecture was entertaining and he was always there when things got tough or I needed help with anything.

Thank you for everything, Mark.

Rest in Peace

James Moors


I will always remember Mark for the role he played in enhancing the lives of his students. This was so apparent at graduation with students shaking his hand before the Chancellor's! He has touched the lives of many and his impact will live on in those forever. So sad to have lost a genius and valued colleague.

Gillian Saieva


So sorry to hear about this. Mark was always one of the lecturers who clearly took a real interest in his students and would engage in both social and academic interactions with students.

Russell Fortt


I shared an office with Mark for many years and not only did he like philosophy he looked and thought like a philosopher! His sharp mind and experience will be much missed by students and staff alike.

Mark was a great guy and will be sorely missed. He is survived by his son.

Simon Parsons


Mark, I was very upset on hearing the news of your passing. You were a fantastic, inspirational, enthusiastic and intelligent man who always went out of his way to ensure the success of each of his students and the law department as a whole. Through your help, I was able to achieve much more than I thought I was capable of. Your continued support even after I had graduated shows your good nature and willingness to help others.

You will be greatly missed by many.

Azad Dugala


I am extremely shocked to hear the news about the death of our beloved teacher, Mr Mark Wing. My deepest condolences go out to his family.

Without a doubt Mark was a respectful teacher who held a great position in our lives. I still cannot fathom that he is no longer with us, I am sure his legacy will remain in student's hearts as he always inspired us. I was extremely fortunate to be Mark's student and I will always be grateful for the lessons that he taught me. I will forever remember the useful teaching and guidance provided by Mark; our conversations and his valuable comments during my study.

There are not enough words to completely describe the feeling of losing a beloved teacher. We all extend our heartfelt sympathies for Mark's loss. May his soul rest in peace.

Arsen Saakyan


You were a fantastic friend and mentor from the moment I walked in the door. I knew you for far too brief a time, but you've left a lasting impact on me. You were loved by colleagues, students and friends. The outpouring of grief and gratitude from the multitude of people young, old and in-between whose lives you've enriched is testament to what you did with your time here.

I will miss our conversations, and our Nerding-out in the office. I don't know anyone in the office I can talk to and move smoothly from critically analysing Lord of the Rings, to Star Wars, to Star Trek. I will miss you trying to Northern-ise me, and most of all your generous advice.

The last thing you said to me seems oddly fitting. Whenever we were to see each other again, it 'won't be soon enough'.

Until then, Mark, rest in peace.

Brad Kershaw


Mark was a kind and supportive colleague. I shall really miss him and his great wit.

Brenda Short


Was truly gutted when I was informed of this sad news. Mark was a giant of a man! A man of great knowledge of the world, a kind caring man for one and all. His love and respect for students and their wellbeing was second to none.

Although we only knew each other for five years it was a friendship I will never forget. My trips to Brussels will never be the same again! Rest in peace my friend. Gone but will never be forgotten.

Jed (bing bong) Nicholson


A fantastic lecturer who inspired me with his passion for EU law, motivating me to pursue my interest further academically and professionally.

I was fortunate to catch up with Mark last year during the EU law trip to Brussels where I was reminded of his genuine interest in the success of the students opening their minds to the array of career opportunities across the globe.

Mark, you will be greatly missed.

Rest in Peace.

Sophia Kankuah


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