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Mark was an amazing man! He inspired me to study intellectual property which I will be starting to study in September! Mark was and will always be an inspiration to many! The loss of Mark has come as a massive shock to many and he will be missed dearly by all those who knew him!

Thank you Mark for being a massive support and inspiration to myself and many others!

Tressa Merritt


I very much enjoyed the weekly chat we had as our paths crossed in the Itchen Lecture Theatre. You were funny, smart as hell, and kind. Your students adored you and you had time for everyone who wanted to speak to you. You'll be much missed. x

Sian Campbell


RIP Mark - You will be truly missed... :(

Class of 2010-13

Misbah Ashraf


Mark, my lecturer, seminar and dissertation tutor. What more can I say. Mark was there for me until the end of my law degree. He made time for me, especially during times I needed help with my dissertation. He taught me Substantive EU law with ease. He was a fantastic lecturer, one of the best. Mark, may God bless you for all the hard work, dedication and commitment you made for all your students. I'm praying you are resting with the Lord almighty up in the heavens.

God bless you Mark Wing. I still can't believe I am writing this, but I know you are resting in peace.


Julius Olatokun


Dear Mark, Thank you for being a great lecturer and friend. Your support and friendship throughout the years was impactful and generous. You will be missed.

Rest in Peace x

Vasty Akuoko


I am so sorry to find out that we have lost Mark. He was a fabulous teacher and a great colleague. RIP Mark

Marj Crockett


Mark, you were a great lecturer, and an even better friend.

I am sorry we never to got meet in 2020, had I known the last time I saw you was going to be the last time I would see you I would have told you that you made a lasting positive impression on many of the Solent students and people, including me. I won't ever walk by Solent without smiling and thinking of you. Thank you for everything you taught me.

Above everything else you were a good person and the world needs many many more Mark Wings. It makes me sad we have one less but we will keep your good will going.

Thank you.

Christian Martin


I last spoke to Mark in September 2019. It had been a while since we were last in touch and it was with great pleasure that I heard his consoling voice, still tinged with its Blackpool heritage. He was full of ideas, energy and enthusiasm and was excited to be the initiator of a major event at the University, to celebrate 25 years since the arrival of the LLB. He was immensely proud to inform me that the recently published Guardian League Table had ranked the Solent LLB 5th in the UK, a truly remarkable achievement. Much of the credit for this award lay at Mark’s door.

Mark was a very special teacher. His enthusiasm for his subject - and he embraced several in the course of a long teaching career - was effervescent, as was his genuine love for the students he taught. The extraordinary number of tributes to Mark painstakingly and lovingly drafted for this on-line book of condolence provide a permanent testimony to his humanity and his huge influence on the lives of so many students.

The Stoic philosopher (and Roman Emperor) Marcus Aurelius was a lifelong inspiration to Mark. As observed by Simon Fox in his own tribute to Mark, Marcus Aurelius wrote in his Meditations, the following line:

Waste no more time arguing what a good man should be. Be one.

We need look no further for Mark’s epitaph.

When the Solent LLB celebration does finally take place, I have no doubt that it will be seen also as a fitting memorial to Mark and his many achievements.

Professor Jeremy Cooper, Founding Dean of the Law School, 1994-2000


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