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Solent's Covid-19 response: information for our community

At present, Solent University has no confirmed cases of Covid-19 on campus.

Throughout Solent's Covid-19 response, protecting the wellbeing of our students, our staff and our wider community has remained our top priority.

We are continuing to monitor the situation closely and to take all necessary steps, in line with Government guidance, to safeguard our community.

This includes:

  • The launch of a joint commitment by students from Solent University and the University of Southampton.
        • As part of the student enrolment process, students are being asked to read the commitment - which now forms part of each institution's student charter - and make sure they understand their responsibilities during this challenging time.
        • The University will follow the police’s approach to students who break social distancing rules, which follows an 'engage, explain and encourage' process, before taking further action.
        • Any students who break social distancing rules, or the guidance laid out in our Student Commitment or Student Charter, will first be educated on the importance of the measures to help them protect themselves and others.
        • If further incidents take place, the University will move forward with its internal disciplinary procedures and make a report to the police that could result in a fixed penalty notice.
  • Students are also being asked to observe all social distancing guidance and rules at their place of residence, both inside the buildings and outside, and keep within their household group.
  • We continue to work closely with local police and support their increased presence around student residences and hotspots in the city.
  • We continue to share essential messaging with our students on behalf of the police, including encouraging students to book taxis and venues for nights out and to wear face coverings wherever appropriate.
  • As well as our own track and trace measures, we are supporting the launch of the new NHS Covid-19 app, which will be used across our campus and residences from 24 September.

If there is a Covid-19 case at Solent

The University has robust plans in place should there be a Covid-19 outbreak on campus, including:

  • We continue to work with local and national agencies to put processes in place to advise, monitor and support staff and students during the pandemic, and play our part in the city’s response.
  • We have staff and student guidance on what to do if they show symptoms of Covid-19, and if they test positive.
  • If a case is reported on campus, we have processes in place to record, support and implement the necessary actions required, from supporting students who are self-isolating, to notifying Public Health England. Areas of the campus may be taken out of use for enhanced cleaning if considered necessary.
  • The University will follow Public Health England guidance if there is more than one confirmed case of Covid-19.
  • If there is an outbreak, the University will notify Public Health England and be guided by their advice.

Self-isolation on campus

Any students who need to self-isolate will be fully supported by the University to remain completely isolated and to ensure they do not share any facilities with other residents. We have been assured by Public Health England that these measures will mean there is no increased risk to our students, staff and local community.

Government advice

You can find the latest Government advice and guidance on Covid-19 here, and their latest travel advice here.

Helplines available

The Department for Education has launched a new helpline to answer questions about Covid-19 in relation to education for higher education staff, students and parents.

Call: 0800 046 8687
Opening hours: 8am to 6pm (Monday to Friday)

The Home Office has set up a helpline for international higher education staff and students for any immigration queries related to coronavirus, including questions about urgent, compelling, compassionate cases where a Chinese national or other visa national based in China needs to travel to the UK.

(The helpline can only speak to the visa holder or applicant about individual cases. If a third party wishes to speak on their behalf, they must have the visa holder’s permission.)

Call: 0800 678 1767 (Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm) Calls are free of charge.

Any member of the community who wants to log a concern should dial 111.

Frequently asked questions

General and campus FAQs

FAQs for all students studying at Solent from September 2020

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