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It's great to be welcoming more staff back to campus as the academic year begins. As you will know from regular emails and newsletters, we have been working hard to implement a range of ambitious plans and measures to bring colleagues and students safely back to campus.

For more information about when you can access campus, following our phased return to campus operations, please read the important accessing campus principles and our return to work risk assessment. You can complete an exceptional circumstances request form here.

Top things to remember when returning to campus

  1. All staff on campus must be tested twice-weekly for Covid-19.
  2. Swipe your campus card on a Salto reader DAILY.
  3. Wear a face covering in all indoor settings on campus.
  4. Use the hand sanitiser provided when entering all buildings.
  5. Adhere to the one-way systems and social distancing guidance.
  6. Keep checking here for updated info and FAQs.

As you scroll down you will find more specific information and some useful FAQs that are continuously updated.

Thank you for helping us to keep you and others safe!

Covid symptoms and vaccinations

I have Covid symptoms - what should I do?

Please refer to the Covid process document which provides a breakdown on the steps you need to follow.

If you are experiencing Covid symptoms, it's important that you:

Manager guidance
Managers of employees experiencing Covid-19 symptoms will need to complete the Covid-19 reporting form and send to your P&D business partner immediately.

I have received a positive Covid test result - what should I do?

Please refer to the Covid process document which provides a breakdown on the steps you need to follow.

If you have received a positive test result you will need to:

If you have received a negative test result you will need to:

  • Inform your manager of your test result.
  • When you feel well enough, you can return to work on and off campus.
  • Refer to the Covid process document for further information in sickness recording on MyView.

Manager guidance
As soon as your employee has informed you of their test result (positive or negative) you will need to complete or update the Covid-19 reporting form and send to your P&D business partner immediately.

I have been contacted and told to self-isolate - what should I do?

Please refer to the Covid process document which provides a breakdown on the steps you need to follow.

If you have been contacted by Test and Trace and told to self-isolate you will need to:

  • Remain off campus following isolation guidance and arrange a Covid test.
  • Inform your manager immediately.
  • Refer to the Covid process document for details on how you should record this on MyView.

For further guidance on other scenarios where you may need to self-isolate, please refer to government guidance.

Manager guidance
When your employee informs you that they need to self-isolate, you will need to complete or update the Covid-19 reporting form and send to your P&D business partner immediately.

One of my dependents has symptoms - what should I do?

  • You should notify your manager and follow normal University policies relating to family related absence.
  • Check Government guidelines and obtain a test. Currently, all other household members need to stay at home and self-isolate for 14 days and the person with symptoms will need to book themselves a test.
  • In line with Solent’s remote working guidance, in agreement with your manager and where you are able to effectively work remotely, you can continue to do so.
  • Once a negative test result is obtained, you can return to working on campus on days agreed and in line with Solent’s accessing campus principles.
  • Any period of absence should be recorded on MyView in the normal way and in line with University policy.

How do I obtain a test? 

If you have no symptoms, you have three routes to obtaining a lateral flow test. You can:

If you do have symptoms, you will need to take a PCR test which you can order online from

Do I need to take annual leave to get my Covid-19 vaccination?

No. We are committed to supporting the current roll out of Covid-19 vaccines across the UK and to encouraging uptake across the sector. We will give all staff paid time off work to attend their vaccination appointment.

Working remotely

I can't work effectively from home without additional IT equipment

We are continuously reviewing everyone’s requirements to ensure they are enabled to work remotely, if still required, going forward. There should be no need to purchase additional equipment or software, but there may be the opportunity to collect existing equipment from work where people will be predominantly working from home in the future.

I'm finding it hard to work remotely as I need additional DSE equipment

If you have a query that relates to DSE equipment, please ensure you have completed the DSE training course available on SOL since commencing remote working, even if you have completed the training previously. This should help you manage your ergonomics at home in this interim period.

On the few occasions where this is significantly impacting your health, and the items requested are in line with ongoing medical issues experienced before lockdown commenced, please liaise with your manager who will complete the urgent DSE/IT request form and return to your P&D business partner for further review.

Am I able to claim any tax relief while working remotely?

While we are working remotely and at home on a regular basis, you may be eligible to claim tax relief (subject to HMRC rules) for some of the bills you have to pay. You will need to check your eligibility directly with HMRC by completing the online check and following the instructions. You will not normally be required to keep records of claims of up to £6 per week (£26 per month), subject to HMRC guidance. You can also find more advice on claiming tax relief here.

Please note that you will need to reapply for tax relief for the 2021/22 tax year.

What about my additional costs for working at home, such as broadband, electricity and printing?

We are in the process of developing a remote working policy which will be shared with staff in the near future. Currently, as the majority of staff are still working remotely and, in the most part, saving money on travel expenses, other expenses cannot be claimed at this time.

I can't/don't want to return to campus - can I continue to work remotely?

Our hopes are that we can maintain working in new, flexible and agile ways, as we have over the last few months. We want to limit the number of people on site as much as possible. When planning the team rotas, managers have been asked for this to be as few days as possible for everyone. Your manager will be able to explain the business reasons why your role and work requires you to be on campus for the days discussed with you.

Where you may have on-going caring issues that impact your ability to return to campus on the days required, please discuss this with your manager in the first instance.

Visit our Ways of Working portal pages for more information on our return to campus.

Returning to campus

When will I be coming back to campus?

We have been liaising with managers across the University, together with our suppliers and unions, to explore the requirements of all teams, and how they can work in line with Government guidelines and health and safety recommendations.

For the foreseeable future, social distancing measures mean we will need to operate with a much-reduced capacity on site, so we will need to work very differently.

However, we also know from our experiences over the past months that being more agile and flexible in our approach can allow us to be more innovative and effective, so we have been moving back to campus in a phased way that allows us to retain the benefits of this change, while ensuring the safety and wellbeing of all colleagues. If you haven’t returned to campus yet, please speak to your manager about what the timeline for return looks like for you and your team.

We ask that teams who have returned to campus operate within whatever restrictions are in place at the time, maintaining social distancing as required, and ensuring we are ready if stricter measures need to be introduced.

I am returning to work on campus, what do I need to do?

Once it is agreed between yourself and your manager that you will be returning to campus, please ensure you have read this document and completed our Covid-19 Essentials Training on SOL.

Before returning to campus, you must take two tests, three days apart. If you are going to be on campus regularly, you need to take two tests weekly. 

This important induction information will make sure both you and your colleagues remain safe on campus.

I'm still working remotely - can I come on campus to collect some personal items from my office?

The University is restricting access to campus unless absolutely necessary. If you have a business critical request, please email - you will need to complete a campus access request form which will need to be signed off by your head of faculty/service.

Can I organise work-related travel?

Colleagues who need to arrange work-related travel within the UK, eg, conferences/events, should speak to their manager to arrange a local risk assessment ahead of confirming any plans. The University is not currently supporting any work-related travel outside the UK.

See also our general FAQs for what to expect on campus

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