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The titles of professor and associate professor are open to all employees of the University. Below is a list of all current titles.


Date obtained

Chris Barlow Professor of Acoustics 11/07/2016
Syamantak Bhattacharya Professor of Maritime Management 11/07/2016
Jillian Farquhar Professor of Marketing 07/04/2017
Tony Hope Professor of Automation and Control 19/09/1991
Martin James Professor of Music Industries 15/03/2013
Peter Lloyd Professor of Visual Arts 11/07/2016
Pete Wilson Professor of Bass Guitar 28/07/2014


Emeritus professors


Graham Baldwin Emeritus Professor Prof. of Employer Engagement
Mike Barnett Emeritus Professor Prof. of Maritime Safety
Richard Blackwell Emeritus Professor Prof. of Higher Education Policy and Practice
Roger Brown Emeritus Professor Prof. of Higher Education Policy 2004
Ian Chandler Emeritus Professor Prof. of Building Technology 1991
Edward Chaney Emeritus Professor Prof. of Fine and Decorative Arts 1997
Brian Cotton Emeritus Professor Prof. 1991
Suzanne Dixon Emeritus Professor Prof. of Creative Enterprise 2002
Anthony Gallagher Emeritus Professor Prof. of Innovation and Knowledge Exchange
Van Gore Emeritus Professor Prof. of Quality Management
Steven Henderson Emeritus Professor Prof. of Business Strategy 2011
Alan Hibbert  Emeritus Professor Prof. 1992
Tansy Jessop Emeritus Professor Prof. of Research Informed Teaching
David Johnson Emeritus Professor Prof. of Coastal Management 2003
Graham King Emeritus Professor Prof. 1995
Maurice Lalley Emeritus Professor Prof. Management Accountancy 1993
David Leyland Emeritus Professor Prof. 1995
John Millican Emeritus Professor Prof. of Maritime Education 2012
Elizabeth Mytton Emeritus Professor Prof. of Legal Education
Maurice Owen Emeritus Professor Prof. of Fine Art 1993
Patricia Park Emeritus Professor Prof. of Environmental Law
Ashok Ranchhod Emeritus Professor Prof. of Marketing 2001
Jeff Richards Emeritus Professor Associate Prof. 1998
Michael Richards Emeritus Professor Prof. 1998
Margaret Ross Emeritus Professor

Prof. of Software Quality 2001

Reg Ruel Emeritus Professor Prof. 1991
Mike Wilkinson Emeritus Professor Prof. of International Education 2012
Tim Wilks Emeritus Professor Prof. of Cultural History 2012
Minghua Zhao Emeritus Professor Prof. of Maritime Sociology 2016


Associate professors

Date obtained

Shakeel Ahmad Associate Professor 11/07/2016
Chris Anderton Associate Professor 11/07/2016
Whysnianti Basuki Associate Professor 11/07/2016
Carole Davis Associate Professor 01/08/2020
Lisa Dibben Associate Professor 01/09/2019
Simon Fox Associate Professor 01/09/2019
Darren Kerr Associate Professor 01/09/2019
Paul Marchbank Associate Professor 11/07/2016
Guy Moreton Associate Professor 20/06/2012
Kalin Penev Associate Professor 11/07/2016
Nicholas Potts Associate Professor (previously Professor of Economics 15/03/2013) 28/07/2014
Sarah Radif Associate Professor 01/09/2019
Fayyaz Rehman Associate Professor 28/08/2014
Jonathan Ridley Associate Professor 01/09/2019
Gillian Saieva Associate Professor 01/09/2019
James Steele Associate Professor 11/07/2016


Associate professors emeritus

Phil Green Associate Professor Emeritus Originally awarded AP title on 15 March 2013
Simon Mouatt Associate Professor Emeritus Originally awarded AP title on 22 April 2014
Kate Pike Associate Professor Emeritus  

Visiting professors

Cedric Bell Visiting Professor
Mike Biles Visiting Professor
Stewart Bruce-Low Visiting Professor
Michael Burton Visiting Professor
George Carey Visiting Professor
Earl Carpenter Visiting Professor
John Chudley Visiting Professor
James Hilton Visiting Professor
Trevor Horn Visiting Professor
Hugh (Greg) Hudson Visiting Professor
Dean Humphreys Visiting Professor
Colin Lester (aka Lester-Balsam) Visiting Professor
John Lloyd Visiting Professor
Simon May Visiting Professor
Simon Nye Visiting Professor
William Penney Visiting Professor
David Rew Visiting Professor
Andrew Scheps Visiting Professor
Alan Whitehead Visiting Professor
Jinsong Zhao Visiting Professor

Visiting fellows

Michael Apted Visiting Fellow
Mags Arnold Visiting Fellow
Mick Audsley Visiting Fellow
Zoe Ball Visiting Fellow
Graham Berridge Visiting Fellow
Mark Billingham Visiting Fellow
Caroline Bleakley Visiting Fellow
Marcus Brigstocke Visiting Fellow
Earl Carpenter Visiting Fellow
Ben Challis Visiting Fellow
Pete Clifton Visiting Fellow
Robert Dixon Visiting Fellow
Pete Doherty Visiting Fellow
David Elsey Visiting Fellow
Paul Franklin Visiting Fellow
David Gamble Visiting Fellow
Geoff Glover Visiting Fellow
Robert Gorham Visiting Fellow
Eddie Hamilton Visiting Fellow
Nina Hartstone Visiting Fellow
Malcolm Hignett Visiting Fellow
Peter Hodges Visiting Fellow
Thomas Hor Visiting Fellow
Eddy Joseph Visiting Fellow
Holly Johnson Visiting Fellow
Carl Kendall-Palmer Visiting Fellow
Rachel Ley Visiting Fellow
Ana Lynch (Matronic) Visiting Fellow
James McMahon Visiting Fellow
Lawrie McMenemy Visiting Fellow
Phil McNulty Visiting Fellow
Nick McPhee Visiting Fellow
Esfandiar Monfaredzadeh Visiting Fellow
Richard Morrison Visiting Fellow
Bijan Mortazavi Visiting Fellow
Walter Murch Visiting Fellow

Una Ni Dhonghaile

Visiting Fellow
Roy Norton Visiting Fellow
Sir Alan Parker Visiting Fellow
Frances Parker Visiting Fellow
Dr Alex Paterson Visiting Fellow
Mark Platten Visiting Fellow
Terry Rawlings Visiting Fellow
Dirk Robertson Visiting Fellow
John Rowlinson Visiting Fellow
Damian Santamaria Visiting Fellow
Laura Santamaria Visiting Fellow
Alexandra Shakespeare Visiting Fellow
Feargal Sharkey Visiting Fellow
Briggy Smale Visiting Fellow
Paul Smith (CBE) Visiting Fellow
Giles Stanley Visiting Fellow
Graham Stevens Visiting Fellow
Paul Stickler Visiting Fellow
Jeff Taylor Visiting Fellow
Victoria Todd Visiting Fellow
Brian Tufano Visiting Fellow
Rowan Uduwerage-Perera Visiting Fellow
Julian Unthank Visiting Fellow
James Welsh Visiting Fellow
Steve White Visiting Fellow
Stuart Wilson Visiting Fellow
John Wilson Visiting Fellow
Paul Wright Visiting Fellow
Sean Yazbeck Visiting Fellow
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