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The University receives income from many sources, but by far the largest sum is from tuition fees. Income is used to fund all of the day-to-day activities of the University, including the provision of teaching and support to our students, both through the academic schools that they register with and the services that they are able to access (library, learning resource centres, sports facilities).

The funds are also used to enable longer-term investment projects, like the new academic building, keeping facilities up to date and providing student bursaries.

Income and expenditure 2015/16

Funding body grants

Academic departments

Academic fees and support grants

Academic services

Research grants and contracts

Administration and central services

Other operating income


Endowment and investment income

Residences, catering and conferences



For a more detailed breakdown of what we spend money on, view our income and expenditure infographic or read our financial statements, below.

Our latest financial statement

Financial statements 2015/16

Past financial statements

Financial statements 2014/15

Financial statements 2013/14

Financial statements 2012/13

Financial statements 2011/12

Financial statements 2010/11

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