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Quality assurance policy

In order to protect the standards and the integrity of its awarded qualifications, the University has comprehensive policies and processes for quality assurance, covering:

  • The development, design and structure of courses (the academic framework)
  • Programme approval, monitoring and review
    • Programme approval and withdrawal
    • Programme monitoring, periodic academic review and academic audit
    • Programme modifications
  • Accreditation of prior learning
  • External examining
  • Student admissions
  • Examination boards
  • Student academic misconduct
  • Student appeals
  • Assessment:
    • Assessment policy
    • Assessment regulations
    • Schedule of awards
  • Extenuating circumstances
  • Admission, supervision, monitoring and examination of research students
  • Ethics policy
  • Conferment of honorary degrees and titles

The above are set out in the University’s academic handbook, with sections of most immediate relevance to our students made available on the student portal.

A physical copy of the complete academic handbook is also available for reference in the library, and from our Policy, Governance and Information (PGI) department.

Quality assurance is a responsibility at Department and University levels; there are dedicated staff in the Departments and within PGI who are able to advise on the policies and processes.